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    Lesbian Female / 53

    Now a days everybody is having sex with everybody. But when I was growing up that was not the case. As a girl you had better keep your nose clean or you got a reputation. I kept my nose clean.

    I went to college far enough away so that I lived in the dormitory. My suitemate was from a small town a couple of hundred miles away, so she went home with me on weekends and holidays. My house was small and being the only girl I did have a small room to myself, with one full size bed. When my suitemate came with me to visit we had to share the bed. Now, I know that many people believe otherwise, but to a me being able to see her naked breasts made me want to touch them and kiss them. She took her panties off in front of me and stood by the bed. I had never seen a woman's private parts like that, her soft lips barely visible behind her pubic hair. When she turned her naked bottom was in front of me, I could see her pubic hair between her legs. She bent over to pick up her panties and put them in her bag. Her private parts opened up. I could see her anus and inside between her lady lips. That first night together is etched in my mind like a slow motion movie.

    My feelings were something new to me, I stared at her while she got her nightshirt out and she put it on without any underwear on. She walked back to the bed and sat on it and pulled her nightshirt up so she could sit, her dark mass of pubic hair with her lady lips under them and I sat there in what I would later learn was heat. I was wet, I thought something was wrong, I could feel the wetness between my legs. When I went to the bathroom to wipe I had this liquid, slimy stuff that was poring out of my vagina. I went back to the room to get a fresh pair of panties, but my suitemate told me to keep them off, it felt better that way.

    That night I let her take my nightshirt off, she fondled my breasts and she kissed me. She told me stories about how in the ancient world when rich men kept harems the girls had to look after each other. She had read that, and she wanted us to pretend that we were concubines and we were kept by a mean sultan and we could only find peace if we were in each other's arms. That night I got fingered, and she helped me finger her. I would later learn that she was a lesbian and that she was in love with me. But that first night it was all new to me. Especially the feelings I had about being with her in bed and touching and kissing.

    Because we were in my house, and my house was small, we kept everything very quiet. But when we got back to school we kissed for a long time, and we got naked and we started to kiss our lady lips and vaginas when our suitemates were out. Somewhere in all that one of our suitemates saw us or figured it out and she told the resident advisor, who complained to the administration and we were expelled from school. Our next stop was a small state college and we rented an apartment together. We were careful because even if we were not on campus, being gay was an expelling offense. We found that the only place that we could really let lose was at the beach house of one of my uncles by marriage. He not only did not care if we were sleeping together, he thought it was funny watching us. He repeatedly would ask us which one was the boy. But, he was totally open for us to be as out as out could be with him. But we were not out with anyone else.

    After we finished our college education we went on to live together and start our careers. We are old enough now to remember many things, we even remember how much heat there was when we were very young. It is not the same when you are sixty plus, the heat is not the same. The thing that is the same is just wanting that person to be there when you call for her. We sleep in two single beds pushed together. It is just the penalty of growing older.

    But to those young people that find the need to get together and have sex, I say go for it. Enjoy yourselves, enjoy your bodies, don't pay attention to others. This goes for gay girls and for girls that are in love with a real boy. Use your body for your pleasure. It won't disappoint you.

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    Well at least you went for it back then. Too many people living miserable lives back then before a time when gay is a common word and there's no secret that they "walk among us" in society.

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