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    Bi-Sexual Male / 22

    How many of you, or people out there will be able to say, they've fucked three people from the same family within twenty four hours.

    My girlfriend Amy is a really nice girl, and so so fit. Yet she's a little dull when it comes to sex. No really out there positions, hardly any oral and definitely no anal. So when I was fucking her during the early afternoon, in the missionary on her bed a fortnight ago, and her mom "K" popped her head in to ask us if we wanted some food (She did knock. I heard it but carried on) I saw the lustful look on her face. I withdrew, knelt there with her daughters pussy juices dripping off my cock and let her see just how big my erect cock is. She smiled a very dirty smile, winked at me and silently closed the door. Amy asked if everything was ok, but hadn't seen her mom. I said "Every things fine" and slid my cock back into her creamy pussy.

    Later on with Amy taking a bath, I was sat in their kitchen drinking coffee, when Amy's mom walked upto me without saying a word. Putting her hand down to the cock bulge in my shorts, "K" squoze my dick a little and asked me if I'd like to "Entertain" her. Taking my hand she lead me into her husband's snug at the rear of their property and dropped her dress. She was totally naked underneath and I didn't need to be told what to do, or what she wanted. We spent at least ten minutes giving each other oral sex on the carpet, then she had me fuck her in four or five different positions making her climax twice on my cock. Finishing off by offering me her asshole from behind, as she knelt in her husbands comfy chair, I fucked her as hard as I'd ever fucked anyone before. She came for the third time, then I came deep inside her ass. It was then we both heard the snug door closing.

    Amy didn't say anything when we emerged into the lounge, but she give me "That" look, and then told me we were going out early. Bizarrely she kissed her mom lovingly before we went out.

    I was supposed to be going home after our concert, but Amy persuaded/pleaded with me to stay over. In bed that night Amy came alive so to speak sexually, and we did almost every position myself and her mom had done earlier and then some. Then my girlfriend (Sorry Amy is nineteen) told me to take her anal cherry. I'm not joking here, my girlfriend went cock crazy. Not at first as she complained a little about the pain, but after maybe a few minutes, she backed onto my cock and SHE then lead the fuck. By the time I'd cum up her asshole, I was literally drained and Amy was having yet another orgasm.

    Both Amy and her mom were out when I woke up. I took a shower and was about to get myself a coffee when "F", Amy's dad appeared into the lounge. He asked me if I was okay, then half asked, half told me to sit down. Pulling his lap top in front of him, he messed around with it, then turned it to me. On the screen I could clearly see Amy's mom and me making out in the snug, and I could easily see myself cumming up her asshole. "F" sat there without saying a single word, not until I looked up and over at him. His face was like thunder and I genuinely thought "Here comes the beating" or worse. Instead he very calmly said something I remember very clearly "You've fucked my daughter, you've fucked my wife, now you're going to fuck me. That or my friend here is going to say hello to you". Looking at where he was pointing, I saw he had a baseball bat close to him.

    This isn't me saying I enjoyed sliding my cock over his tongue, I absolutely loved it. And it isn't me saying I'm some kind of sexual beast. I'm not. I was just put into a set of circumstances which I found I couldn't get out of, or resist. And the biggest and by far the best sex I had in those twenty four hours was easily with "F". We sucked on each others cocks, we played with each other's assholes and then in a flip flop, "F" and I fucked one another without waering a condom. It wasn't the first time i'd been fucked, but I hadn't had sex with a guy since I was seventeen. "F" took his time to enter my ass, but once he knew I was taking his shorter but thicker cock deep up my ass, he went for it and fucked me as hard as I'd fucked his daughter and more over, his wife. Even when we'd both cum, we carried on having oral sex and I got his cock rock solid again. "F" practically dragged me into the snug before having me kneel on his comfy chair. Just as I'd hammered his wife's asshole, "F" went at it hammer and tongue, and destroyed my asshole. I came without touching myself and then felt his cum erupt into my bowels, before he withdrew.

    When first Amy, then "K" came home, we were both sat chatting about football (English football. "F's" from England) in their lounge. Amy gave me a massive grin and kissed my cheek. "K" when she came in said hello and kissed her husband first, kissed Amy and then finally walked over to me and hugged me like she'd never ever done before. I looked round at Amy and "F" who were chatting, and it was as if absolutely nothing had taken place between any of us. And so it is to this day. I've not had sex with "F" again, but I have fucked Amy's mom on three more separate occasions. Amy says nothing, but I'm damn sure she knows I'm fucking her mom. As for "F" He's invited me and me alone upto a fishing place he loves to fish. It's a three day trip and he's already hinted by saying "Won't just be catching fish either", that' we'll be having sex.

    At the moment I'm having the time of my life fucking three very different people. They just happen to be from the same family and of different sexes. Amy has become just as much of a sexual delight as her mother, and I'm thinking of saying something to "K" about stopping. But then again if they're all happy and I cetainly am, then possibly I should say nothing and keep the whole family happy.

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    An o.k. BI-fantasy.

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