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    Straight Female / 24

    Hi, my name is Keira and this is the true story of how I got revenge on my ex-boyfriend, Barry. I had learned that Barry had kissed another girl. Without confronting directly, I and my girlfriend, Danielle, put a plan in motion. It started with me asking Barry to try on a pair of my pink thong panties. It took some flirtatious convincing, but eventually it worked. I then playfully tied his hands behind his back and tied his ankles together. Barry really thought he and I were doing something kinky. Turned out, only he was being kinky.

    Once I had him tied up and in panties, I pushed him over the end of the sofa so his butt was in the air and began spanking him. Barry liked that and responded by pooching his ass in the air and wiggling it and saying âspank me baby, I am so naughty!â What Barry did not know was that this whole spanking was being recorded on hidden camera. My friend Danielle snuck out of the bedroom and quietly joined me in spanking Barry. For several minutes, we spanked his ass firmly and he did not even know that there were two of us doing it until we both started giggling. Barry blushed with embarrassment but did not resist both of us spanking him in my thong panties.

    Then I pulled out a large dildo and, much to Barryâs surprise, I pushed the dildo deep into Barryâs mouth. While Danielle kept smacking his ass with a ping-pong paddle, I worked his tonsils with the dildo. Barry just blushed and had to be wondering what was going to happen. After about 15 minutes of this treatment, we stood him up. Barry had a very red butt and a very red face.

    It was then that I revealed to him that there was a hidden camera and this video would be shown to everyone on campus. To our amazement, Barry immediately dropped to his butt and began bouncing up and down repeatedly on his ass...throwing a tantrum on the floor. He was grunting about how he was so very embarrassed and kept bouncing on his butt. Danielle and I were laughing hysterically and were giving each other high-fives. After a few minutes, Barry began complaining that his butt was so sore. Although it was beyond hilarious, we laughed so hard we cried. We were done with blushing butt bouncing Barry.

    We pushed Barry in the thong panty out of my front door, hands and ankles still tied. He had to hop eight blocks to his apartment in broad daylight. The video has been shown to girls everywhere. It is very entertaining to see our revenge go so incredibly well.

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    You are an evil individual!!! Your actions are far, far more sever than your boyfriend kissing another female. You sure as hell didn't mind bringing a female friend into your sexual mix (to accomplish an evil objective)...a retaliation to him kissing another female (probable clothed). You have a high opinion of yourself and very poor judgment which will come home to roost.
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    Taping someone without their knowledge is against the law. Youll be lucky if he doesnt press charges against you and your friend. Its no different than if he taped you in the shower and put it on the net.
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    When your arrested for what you did that record will follow you the rest of your life. Try explaining to a new employer that you video tapped your boyfriend in a sexual situation without his permission. They will say we can't trust that bitch with anything other than a mop, a broom and a vacuum. On second thoughts not even a housekeeping position.
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    You are a desperately immature asshole.
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    For those of you who think this girl will get into legal trouble, that will never happen. The guy will never want this video to be seen. He wonât want police and lawyers looking at his video. The girls got him good.
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    If theyve already shown it to a bunch of people then he has nothing to lose, it will just be his way of repaying them for taping him. He might be embarrased but he probably already is. They will go to jail though. Who gets the worse revenge?
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    I say that the guy, Barry, got exactly what he deserved. Maybe next time, Barry will remember his sore butt and not be such a prick.
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    I love this confession. Sore butt Barry was served as deserved!!! I hope his embarrassment lasts a very very long time.
    Maybe next time sore butt Barry wonât fuck with girls. Because they might just put him in a pair of panties and pay him back. LOL!!!!
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    I agree with the comment that this guy got what he deserved. Nice payback girls! Also, if his manhood fit into a thong panty, our boy Barry must sport a teeny tiny cock. Hehe
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    Now that is funny!

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