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    Straight Female / 38

    This is something I've been doing for over two years now, ever since my husband took the decision to work oversea's for two months at a time. I was set against it as he could have taken a similar job much closer to home, for lower money I'll admit. Yet he knew just how much I enjoyed sex and would miss it. His response I remember was "Get a dildo honey".
    The first time I did anything it just kind of happened. I didn't have any money after I'd ordered some Chinese food to be delivered. It was a kid who delivered it and it was he who basically said "I'll pay for your food, if you suck me off". In the hallway of our home, I got on my knees and enjoyed myself like I hadn't in weeks. The young boys cock wasn't particularly big, but he wasn't backwards at coming forwards as he fucked my face with great gusto. Holding his tight butt cheeks, I felt his cock pulsing in my mouth and knew he was on the verge. Thinking of what my husband had said to me about getting a dildo, I was about to ask him if he'd like to fuck me. But unfortunately he came flooding my mouth with his hot sticky semen. Every single drop, every single beautiful sticky ounce of his cum I swallowed, and loved every bit of it. He couldn't have been more happy for himself and promised if I wanted to, to bring me more food for free. As he stepped through our doorway, I slapped his cute ass and told him what I'd like the following weekend. Sure enough at seven pm the following Saturday, he turned up with a relative feast of Chinese food, plus a hard on which kept my mouth pussy and asshole happy for over an hour. It became a regular thing when my husband was away and to this day, I still have my now nineteen year old kid fuck me when he's not fucking some girl he fancies.
    He's not the only person to fuck me when my husband works away these days though. We have a neighbor who's in his early fifties. His cock is by far the largest cock I've ever been fucked by, and believe when I say this, he's absolutely insatiable. His wife knows he's fucking me and has even been over to "chat" to me about me keeping her husband happy. She's, in her words, gone completely off sex with men, and now has a female lover. It's been over eight months now that we've been having sex with him. And I sometimes find myself having the young kid fuck me, only a short time before the neighbor calls over for a quick fuck. I say quick fuck, but in fact it's never less than half an hour. As we're normally in bed or someplace else fucking all morning or afternoon.
    And it hasn't stopped there either. My husband loves a perfect house and hates anythng broken or out of place. It's been a two year stint of men fixing this, putting other new things in, or making sure our home is in his opinion, as good as it can be. Some of the men have been very attractive and openly forward in their approach to me. So when I've made it perfectly clear I'm available for sex, they've been more than willing to fuck me, even the so called married ones.
    My husband genuinely believes the dildo I did buy to hide my indulgence with my lovers, is keeping me happy and sexually satisfied. He's even just recently bought me a new one to replace what he thinks is a over used sex toy. What's more he's told me his schedule has changed this past fortnight, which means he's now going to be away for ten weeks at a time, but at home more after his work turn around.
    Don't get me wrong here, when he's home, all of my attention is on him and him alone. I literally wear him out sexually and often demand more than he can give. I'm way past his sexual needs and am often left sexually unsatisfied. Even so when he's home I don't and will not stray.
    Some of you may think I'm a callous wife and only use him for the money he provides. What I haven't said, is before I met and married him, I already had my own money which he simply will not allow me to use to enhance the home he so lovingly wants.
    A new development has arisen over the last few weeks between us, and probably why I decided to come here to confess. He's made comment or two about how nice the house now looks, after I've overseen the work he's put into place when he's been oversea's. He stressed that I must have kept the work men happy, by how good a job they'd all done. He then went onto say "And Mrs D is happy you and E take time to fix up the place too" "From what I've been told, he's really good with his tool". My husband didn't elaborate on what he hinted at, but he didn't half fuck me that night, asking me after he'd cum up my asshole, if his tool was upto the task, too.

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