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    Bi-Sexual Male / 22

    Okay, this is a bit strange because I'm recently married, consider myself straight even though I was curious as a kid with other boys. Well, I got fucked by my wife's boss at a company sponsored trade show where spouses were encouraged to attend. We've been having sex ever since and my wife has no idea. It's like everything I was curious about as a kid but afraid to try is being played out in real life. I do and don't want to stop. Her boss likes me to wear a piece of my wife's clothing, panties preferred, but has even requested some of her complete outfits he thinks she looks cute in. I don't know what to make of it!?

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    Nothing like it! Being the bitch I mean.
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    #1, Maybe so, I mean I'm kind of effeminate acting to attract another man. I'm really not a bitch! Just because I love another man, an older more aggressive one using me. It's more of a role-playing kind of thing.
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    You stupid idiot, he's fucking your wife too, which makes it all the better
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    #3- Yes, you're probably right! I don't think I'll ask her though. I hooked up with another man who was a lot older it didn't go well. He said he was going to use a condom but didn't. Don't get me wrong I love getting cummed in my wife's boss does it all the time but he says I'm the only guy he's ever fucked. This other guy said he fucks guys all the time but with condoms and that I'm the only one he fucked without one. He said he just had to cumm inside me because my ass is so hot, I don't get it? I think I'm ready to try sex with other guys though I'm nervous about it??
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    Well it's true, he's fucking me and my wife. My wife came home late from work last night, she'd been drinking and her panties were full of cumm. I'm sure it's his because it tastes the same!?

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