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    Bi-Sexual Female / 33

    When I masturbate I think about my father.

    We've never talked about it, but I remember straddling his lap, in the evenings in suit pants, or weekend mornings above a bed sheet.
    His penis was always hard and bulging around me it seemed.

    I just knew I liked how it felt to press against him and grind.

    I would love to do this again with him, my pussy is swollen and panties are soaked thinking about his large mound.

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    Oh I remember the times! I was 18 and it was our first sexual experimenting. I got a car as a gift and he was showing me how it worked. We drove to the beach and there was a military guard tower. We climbed into it. It was hot in there. We were watching the sea and beach and hugged. First innocently, but then I liked that he wasn't letting me go and hugged me, getting horny and suddenly there came into our senses how alone we were in there and how we could heard if other people would climb into the tower. I didn't knew what to do, but he put his hand between my legs and I loved it. There were people at the beach and we were high up over tree tops in the hut. I thanked him when I felt he was hard. He was scared of getting stains, but I was too shy to lose my virginity and he didn't pushed it. He had naked dick and I had panties. He was sitting on bench and I was sitting on his lap, grinding and listening. We were only grinding for couple of years before I was ready to try it. I got myself pills and let him put his liquids into me. We never did it when mom was around. She was always either visiting her parents or being with her friends and I was always fully enjoyed and satisfied and full of dads stuff.

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