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    Posted by Anonymous

    One day We were caught in a snowstorm at a buisness meeting. So they had to group all us girls in one room to share. This girl in our room... I'll call her Sherri had to pee. But we weren't supposed to leave the room because we would have to go through the guys room and we would have been fired. they would have thought we were gonna start making whoopee or something.. So there was Sherri practically peein her pants when all of a sudden she stands up and looks like shes humping a corner. She was peeing on the wall! We all started laughing and the guys heard us. they peeked in and there was shari realiving herself on the wall. A guy I will call bob says... "so who ever said women can't pee standing up" Then one of the guys... Joe started laughing. then he stood in a corner and started peeing too. then bob, mike, and rob had a contest to see who could hit the cieling with there urine first. I peed my pants from laughing, and the boss comes in. Oh boy. that was soo embarrassing. We were suspended from work for a week!

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    oh my gosh thats so gross you should have been fired if i were the boss!
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    Just my type, a real stand-up girl. LOL
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    Yeah 954-325-7928 please call

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