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    Bi-Sexual Male / 27

    When I was 13 I went to my dad's office to wait for him to come in from the field where he was an engineer. The office was empty but for two middle-aged men. One of them chatted me up about my pageboy blonde hair and pretty face. I thanked him. The other asked if I had ever kissed a man. I said, "No, I have not." In around 15 minutes I had $200 in my pants pocket on the floor while these two business men were sucking on my body like a lollipop. One had my entire hard cock in his mouth, holding my balls, and the other was fucking my asshole and rimming me at the same time with his tongue.

    While jerking themselves, they sucked and tongue-bathed my crotch, thighs feet and entire ass like hungry harpies. I felt my orgasm coming on and started breathing hard when one of the men lunged for my cock and actually sucked on and swallowed my sperm as it shot out. By that time both had their cocks out and I had a hold on both, jerking them off. I loved it and did not need their money but I kept it and by the time dad showed up to meet me, the men had made me come twice (the first times I came where it was not just me wanking). I jerked them both off and thought of sucking them but the clock was telling us all to stop.

    After that, I tried to get something going with them but was never able to do it. I think of them even today and masturbate to the memories.

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    I was fucked by my first mancock at thirteen. Though I'd already been with another older teenage boy when I was nine. Being with a man was a whole knew experience for sure!
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    I was around the same age, thirteen when I sucked one of the laborers on my dad's construction site. It wasn't long before I had my cute bubble butt of a boy's ass fucked good and hard in the basement of one of the houses under construction. It was hard to believe that at that young tender age I could take a full size mancock in my tight little ass..?
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    I think that the perfect age to get fucked is thirteen. That's when I was the most receptive. Why I don't know but I was..?
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    It's weird how some boy's barely pubescent become so receptive to a older mans need to fuck his young ass. It's going to hurt, both of them know it but do it anyway, I don't get it???

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