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    Straight Male / 29

    I left home at 18, worked in menial jobs in various cities, and then moved back in with Mom and Dad after a 10-year absence. My plan is to enroll in college and finally get an education. My fiancée plans to move in with me later this year if she can find employment here.

    I noticed immediately that Mom who is 53 looks so different from when I saw her last about 4 years ago. She has put on a lot of weight, has a full middle-age spread, is really busty and seems to drink a lot now. But one thing hasn't changed. When she drinks, she gets playful. Even when I was a naïve 18-year-old, we did things that were pretty taboo. She has masturbated my penis to the point of ejaculation, and I have sucked her breasts, but there was no intercourse. I can only imagine what Dad would say if he found out what Mom and I had been up to.

    Fast forward 10 years and Mom and I are our cottage in the country watching a video. We are alone because Dad is stuck in the city on business and Beth, my fiancée, is in another city. We are drinking, time passes and I am getting horny for Beth. I want to fuck Beth really badly. It has been a long time. Mom is sitting next to me enjoying the movie unaware of my desperation. Gradually, I make it known to her that I am horny and that "I want it". She is surprised perhaps because we haven't done anything sexually for a very long time. Finally, she sees me unzip the fly on my pants and pull out me penis. Now she knows I want sex. We shut the video off, go into the bedroom, close the door (I don't know why) and undress. Minutes later, Mom is on her back with her legs spread wide apart and I am on top of her humping her like there is no tomorrow. No need for a condom with Mom! It feels so good that I lose track of time. All I hear is the creaking of the old bed and Mom making, "Oh, oh, oh,..." sounds. My thoughts strangely turn to Dad as I keep up the steady rhythm. I am fucking his wife and he will never know. My thoughts turn to Mom who, drunk or not, must know that it is her son who is fucking her so hard. But then something unexpected happens. Mom motions me to stop and whispers something like, "Finish from behind, Henry!" Henry is my Dad's name. I am confused but nevertheless change position and enter her from behind. It feels good, really good with her big bum. My penis goes in so deep. Moments later, I finish and finish hard, inseminating Mom the way I do my fiancée. Exhausted, I just lay there as my penis pops out along with semen, while Mom slowly falls asleep. I get up, have a coffee and a smoke and replay the events that have transpired before retiring to bed myself. I think to myself that it took a long time to "go all the way" with Mom but I finally did it. So, so nice!

    The above events happened a couple weeks ago and I thought some readers might enjoy seeing how one mother and her son interact in nontraditional ways.

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    Nice. It happens. Never done it myself, but in my family there is a unspoken secret. My mothers fathers father died in a war. Official records name him as the father of my moms father. But official records also tells it is impossible because during the time he was in army service and unable to visit home and only people at home were his wife and their first son.

    The story, which my family holds as true based on the letters and timing, is that his own son have got his wife pregnant and his son have made a brother for himself, which then have become the father of my mom. In the letters, his wife calls his husband as the father of their second son, although it is impossible.
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    I want to have sex with my mom so bad, I want my cum inside her

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