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    Bi-Sexual Male / 28

    Sucking on both of my older brothers cocks when I was in my early teens was a daily occurrence, often twice daily with the larger of the two. Bret and Codey were extremely horny youths who when I first discovered them tossing each other off, were sixteen and seventeen respectively. Their response to seeing me watch them mutually wanking, was to order me into Codey's bedroom and open my mouth.
    It wasn't an unpleasant taste or feeling, but I didn't understand what they got from me licking and sucking on their piss tubes. However after around twenty minutes or so of swapping between each of their cocks, Bret then Codey showed me exactly what they got from it. As both boys came in my mouth.
    Some people say you're pre ordained to like or not like cum. I absolutely loved it. Not just the taste of their goo, but also the feel of it as it slid down my throat. The very same evening I went into Bret's room with our parents taking Codey into town for a new pair of glasses.
    Bret was already fully erect, so I immediately got to sucking on his wonderful cock. Only Bret pulled me up from his cock after only a few minutes and asked me if he could fuck my ass.
    I knew about gay sex and ass fucking, but only through what I'd heard of in school. The actuality of it was to me then, a total mystery. Bret saw my hesitation and told me, after the initial feelings of discomfort, I'd have the best feelings of my life.
    Bret was right about the discomfort, but and this might just be because of who was fucking me, I never once felt pain, well not in a bad way. His cock measures a little over seven inches and it's heavily veined. His bulbous cock head is normally covered by his foreskin, but after I'd sucked on it, the beautiful purple head shone with my saliva.
    That first feeling of it entering my body will stay with me forever, and I remember now thinking I hope it doesn't tear me in two.
    It didn't and the uncomfortable feeling as it slid futher and further inside of my asshole soon disappeared. To be replaced by what I can only describe as the best feeling in the world. every single nerve ending up my asshole and throughout my body was being stimulated it seemed. His cock was by then thrusting hard up my ass and I could hear him grunting behind me. Placing his hands onto my shoulders, my older brother pulled me backwards onto his cock and began telling me I was his fuck boy, and to enjoy it.
    Enjoy it was an understatement of the highest proportion. He was so right about it being the best feelings of my life, and then some. If being a natural cock sucker was my thing, then taking cock up my asshole surpassed that with flying colors. Each time his cock bottomed out, it became more and more amazing. And I was soon begging my brother to fuck me as hard as he could. Looking to my right, I could see him in the dark window pane of his bedroom and he was literally going at it like a demon. Watching him fuck me like that was weird, almost as if it wasn't me taking his cock up my ass. yet the feelings he was giving me were definitely real and definitely growing in intensity.
    Then like a cork popping, I had my first real orgasm. Not the little dribbles of cum that I'd managed to get from my cock by "Rubbing one off", but a violent orgasm that tore through my entire body, making me shake and cry out with absolute joy. The orgasm was so strong so overwhelming, I actually cried from the sheer pleasure and Bret later told me, he felt my asshole tighten around his cock making his cock erupt inside of my body.
    My orgasm and his cock spewing out it's cum load, all made for the best start you could ever wish for from being fucked. That and it being your beautiful older brother who you looked up to in so many ways.
    Bret pulled out of me and lay on his back. He told me to lay my head on his chest, so I lay there panting and recovering from my first ever fuck. After a few minutes Bret put his hands onto the back of my head and pushed me downwards. His cock was coated in his cum and my anal cream, yet I still sucked in his flaccid penis, making him groan with pleasure.
    That night I slept soundly, dreaming of both of my brothers taking turns to fuck me. It was a dream that unfortunately never came true, as Codey just would not entertain fucking my ass. He thought it was fine for me to drain his balls by sucking him off, or by masturbating him. But he wouldn't fuck me. Bret had no such hang ups and we soon began to have anal sex whenever and where ever we got the opportunity.
    After a coupple of years of taking Bret's gorgeous cock up my asshole every chance we got, we finally got discovered by our mother. She caught him fucking me in our kitchen. It was going to be a quick fuck, but she walked in on us.
    That was that. Bret got a beating from our father and I was grounded for months.
    Codey had left home by then living at his college. Bret was made to work with my dad, and I saw little of him when they got home each night. However when at the age of twenty he moved out and took on a well paid job, he also got himself a small place of his own. I'd sneak out there most days and we'd make out in his apartment, or on those wonderful sunny spring, summer and autumn days, we'd have sex down by the river which was secluded from prying eyes.
    Bret is now married and very happy in his life. So is Codey for that matter. Codey is now one hundred percent straight and sometimes decry's what we did as youths. Yet Bret doesn't like myself see it that way about our past younger days.
    I'm in a relationship too, but my relationship is with a very open minded bisexual woman who has watched me being fucked by other men.
    Bret and I no longer have sex together (Unfortunately), but I do know he still fucks and enjoys fucking a young guy who lives close to his home.
    If he ever split up from his beautiful and adoring wife, I would in a heart beat seek him out for sex. Yet and it's a loving yet, I see them as a perfect couple and would never intrude on their happiness.
    Life, brotherhood and circumstance made me the way I am. I'm not sure entirely that if Codey and Bret hadn't had me suck on thir dicks, that I wouldn't now be a totally straight individual. What I do know is, I'm so thankful that they did have me taste their hot semen and that Bret saw fit to fuck me so many amazing times.
    I am a true bisexual man who thanks his past youth and brothers, for making him such a happy guy.

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    Great experience! I too was a fuck boy in my adolescents to a couple of teenage neighbor boy's. The first time was unique and enjoyable experience. My boy crush top was tenderly gentle as he carefully penetrated my virginal innocence.

    The more we fucked the better it became. Though I was too young to cumm the feeling of him cumming inside of me was wonderful, and as I grew accustomed to his penis I would have dry orgasms which he could feel. His friends all wanted some, but I wanted to remain freshly his and submitted to oral sex with them as a consequence of remaining true to my older boy crush. The "either you're made for it or not" proves to be true. The globs of hot sticky boycum squirted inside my pouty lips and sliding down my throat was amazingly good, especially for a cock shy prepubescent kid. It wasn't long before I was rewarding their pleasure with my tight fresh little ass.
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    I used to fuck a few of my kid brother's friends, middle schoolers. Everyone of them had gorgeously tight little ass's. They'd run around in their boy's underpants just asking for it. I was fifteen when I did the first one. He squirmed, wiggling and panting like a puppy on the end of my dick. He flirted like a little girl but tried to get away when it came down to the actual fucking, so I took it. After that he couldn't get enough, even sucking me just to get me to fuck him. He must of told some of the other guys because they made the move on me. Perfect little virgin ass's all wanting to do it, lol.
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    I remember well being the kid that made the transition from having heard about sucking and getting fucked to actually experiencing it. I was a really nice looking kid and it's fears, taking another boys cock both orally and analy were worn thin by what seemed at the time like a constant persistence by a handful of horny older boys. The wide eyed wonderment of feeling a boy cumm inside of me became white the treat.

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