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    Bi-Sexual Female / 26

    I am a very young 23 year old maiden when I took the job. I work for a small company in town. My boss, who owns the business, asked me to go with him to a luncheon fund raiser for cause. It was my first time out with him and he insisted on grabbing my hand in the car, when I refused he looked at me with this look that I just let him hold my hand. At the luncheon he put his hand on my thigh, when I tried to remove his hand, he grabbed my hand and I had to hold his hand in my lap, up very high, and hold on so his fingers wouldn't explore.

    The speaker at the luncheon was a classmate of mine from high school. She went to journalism school and was trying to be an anchor on the local news. She had changed from what I remembered, she was beautiful, beautiful in a way that all I could do was stare at her. My boss kept telling me to cool it, people were noticing how I was looking at her, that if I was going to look at anyone like that I should reserve that for him.

    To make matters worse, after her speech, she came to our table to sit down because my boss had paid for the table with the speaker and the head fundraiser for the cause. After she and I hooked up again as old high school classmates, he had her sit beside me so we could talk. He kept his hand in my lap, he used the opportunity to get his hand up between my thighs, up against my crotch and wiggled his fingers and would whisper to me if I was wet yet. And on the other side I had my ex-classmate who talked and talked and she was very touchy feely with me.

    When we left she and I had this great big hug and she asked me if I was his lap princess. I said no, but she told me I was because he had his hand in my pussy.

    The next several weeks were sort of normal, except that my boss talked to me a lot and insisted on me telling him all about me and my love life, which wasn't much, but he wanted details. I ended up in bed with him.

    He invited me to a party one weekend, he told me it was going to be very intimate. I agreed, I knew what he meant and when I got dressed to go I made sure I was dressed correctly, I even left food out for my cat because I knew I wasn't going to be returning to my apartment that night. When I got to his place he wasn't alone. My ex-high school friend was there, she was as surprised as I was. We had a small pleasant hello and he asked us to sit down. After getting us a glass of wine he said he was getting straight to the point.

    He had noticed that we had hit it off, and here was his offer. He wanted to have sex with both of us, not one at a time, together. If she agreed he would use his influence to get her on camera. He didn't offer me anything because he said he wanted me either way.

    There was a long silence, he wasn't asking me, he was asking her. She kept looking at me, what was I suppose to say? I said the only thing I could say, if she wanted to get on camera here was her chance. She asked me if I was ok with it? I said yes, getting a chance to be with her, I was ok with it. She asked me if I was gay? I told her the truth, I didn't know, sometimes I was but not always. She told my boss that she was gay, that if it was ok she would sleep with me, she was sure we could be together. She turned and asked me if I would sleep with her, and of course I said yes.

    His offer stood, she had to sleep with him, what we did afterwards didn't matter to him, as long as we stayed in bed with him. She wasn't as composed as she had been, she wanted to say no but I convinced her to agree, it was her chance. She became the morning anchor and later the evening anchor in our town. Today she is all over the place, she has a great following and great ratings, she has the magic as a public speaker. Our affair is pretty hidden, in town I am seen as being with him, which I am. But from an affair point of view, she and I are have been having an affair, financed by him. After that first intimate party, I told him she was all one way, and not to put her in that situation again. So he let me have her as a gift.

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