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    Straight Female / 20

    Close to the end of last month, I got home from a night out partying with my girlfriends. I was little drunk I must admit, and crashed out semi naked on my bed. It was still dark when I was awoken by the feeling of having my pussy and clit licked and sucked. Half asleep I let the sensation carry on, until I realized it was for real. Only it was too late to stop the growing orgasm that had built up inside of me. I came so hard and reached down to feel what I knew to be my younger brothers shaggy hair. He didn't say a single thing as he rose up, grinned at me and left me lying there with my panties moved to one side.
    The next morning he did say hello and good morning, something he never did before. He also came right up to me and whispered "Your pussy tasted so good. I bet you enjoyed your orgasm. I know I did when I beat one off in my room". Walking away he turned to add "Any time you want pleasuring, let me know".
    I've kind of kept out of his way since. But won't be able to next weekend as i'm supposed to be looking after him as our parents are going away from Friday to Sunday afternoon. My little brother (His cock isn't though) has already flashed me his enormous cock, and told me it's all mine if I want it.
    I know we shouldn't be having sex, but there is no way I'm going to be able to resist such a large thick cock. Especially knowing just how good he is at giving me cunnilingus.

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    You expect people to believe you?

    Drunk == check!
    Sleeping victim == check!
    Brothers is rapist == check!
    Rape doesn't matter == check!
    Cock is biggest ever == Check!
    "Never talk about it" == check!
    Happened two weeks ago == check!
    "I know WE shouldn't", although he have just r**ed you == check!
    Will happen again in next weekend == check!
    Brother is handicapped and retard because parents have ordered 20 year old sister to look after him, although he have just r**ed her with his superior loverboy skills == CHECK!

    And what a whisper! For some reason people never give any short and witty comment like they do in real life, but they blurt at least four sentences long bullshit story, author underlining how fucking good and skilled, although clearly inexperienced, underaged or retard rapist, were in sex.

    Bullshit writers never have any risks of consequences in their storylines.

    Everyone is waiting you to continue after weekend.
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    Wow #1 Take a serious look at yourself. Put some perspective back in your life. This IS a adult confession site. You I take it are an adult. Therefore read other confessions you do like, and let us enjoy the ones we do. Don't have a coronary about it bud....
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    Confession mean you tell about true event that have happened for you. Confession doesn't mean you tell a fantasy and pretend it is a true story.

    If you like to tell lies and want people to believe them, then atleast try to make them sound real.
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    I would venture to say that 95% of the postings on here are wanker's fiction.
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    I would venture to say that 95% of the postings on here are wanker's fiction.
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    I would venture to say that 95% of the postings on here are wanker's fiction.

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