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    I had a next door neighbor who would tan in her yard topless quite a bit. She didn't seem to mind when I saw her that way and I enjoyed seeing her beautiful breasts. I always wanted to see her without her bottoms on to see her ass and pussy. She always kept them on except one day I looked outside and noticed she had taken them off. She was face down so all I was seeing was her ass which was wonderful. I wanted her to roll over so I could see her pussy which I knew would be just as wonderful. I wondered how she would react if I walked outside and saw her this way. There was only a chain-link fence separating out properties so it was easy to see what was happening in each others yards. She was in her 40's and we got along pretty well as neighbors were concerned so I didn't think she would panic and runaway or anything like that. I thought I would try something to get her to feel comfortable and maybe roll over. I decided to go outside naked which I had never done before. I stood at the chain-link fence talking to her as she remained face down. I had her attention and did feel a little awkward being nude with my junk exposed to her but thought it would be well worth it when she rolled over. We talked for well over 20 minutes before she said she needed to go. I expected this to be the time I would see her pussy. I was getting excited and it began to publicly show. Her eyes were focused below my waist and she hesitated leaving. Suddenly she stood up and said goodbye but when she stood up she had her back to me and walked away. I never saw her pussy. The days and weeks that followed had her only tan topless but I thought I would continue going out naked to possibly show her there was no problem with being fully nude. I think I scared her off because a few months later she moved away.

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