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    Reading some of these posts reminds me of my first affair, other than a quickie with some horny girl in the parking lot. The lady was 16 and a thorough jock as well as a geek in school. We all called her "Rocky" for reasons I do not know but it fit her. She was popular but I never saw her out on a date. I assumed it was because she had a larger nose than most, an aquiline nose that I thought gave her en exotic look. We were opposites. I was already (at 17) 6'3" and she was just over five feet, around 5'2". While I had a muscular physique I sucked badly in game sports and limited myself to track and field, avoiding all ball games. She was tops at everything.

    My friends called her "Beaky" behind her back, a term, I felt, of derision and I told my friends to stop it even before I asked Rocky out. In truth, while Rocky was not a face model for makeup, she had a fantastic little body and I was amazed that none of my friends could see that. She had a wide smile and smiled a lot but it did not help her face at all to smile. For weeks, I chatted her up in the sports fields, hanging out, then I ased her out and she was more than ready to go out with a non-jock but who at least looked like a jock.

    Quite frankly, after we dated and began to have a lot of great sex, we began to fall in love with each other. I told her that was how I felt and she said, "Me too, great, isn't it?". Rocky and I had a lot of sex in her car, in the parking lot and we began to get a reputation for fucking in the lot throughout the day, an exaggeration, of course, but we did it a lot. I loved her large nose and I thought it made her look exotic. Our favorite position almost in front of the crowds was her straddling me, It looked like we were just sitting, spooning but I was deep into her. She would move slowly and we savored the subtle approach to fucking.

    Upon graduation, she went to her mother's Alma Mater, an upscale women's college connected to a large university and I joined the Navy reserves and applied for active duty so I could have the GI Bill. I had no idea what to study back then but I could not afford Rocky's lifestyle at all. We parted and wrote and called but I did not see her for close to a year. After that, she invited me to her home for Thanksgiving and said, "I'll have a surprise for you."

    My excitement to see her crashed like a giant wave on a lonely shoreline. She answered the door and to my astonishment, she had her great nose bobbed. She looked different and I was crestfallen. I did not tell her how it impacted on on me but I felt that my Rocky was gone, somehow. Within a year, our contacts turned to vapor and she became a footnote for me. I imagined with her more normal face she no longer had an empty datebook.


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    You're what they call a real deep human being, aren't ya?
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    In my freshman year in college I experienced the same thing. The girl I had met and felt very close to returned after the summer with a nose bob and other changes. I continued to date her but her physical change seemed to change her personality to the point where she was simply not the girl I knew. Our relationship folded before the year was out and like your own story, she was dating a different type after that, not me.

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