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    Straight Male / 33

    Her name is Stephanie. She was sixteen and we met at a party. Like her I had not really wanted to go to the party, it was for adults only, but I went because my parents took me. Stephanie was not like any other girl I had ever met. She was so different.

    We ended up sitting together. We wandered off into the garden outside and we sat and talked. She asked me if I had a girlfriend, to which I answered no, she told me she didn't have a boyfriend. She put her hand on my lap, grabbing me and asked me if I had ever had a blow job. She got up and walked over around the side of the house, and she told me to take off my jacket, that she wasn't going to kneel in the wet grass. She got down and gave me a blow job. I had never had a blow job, I had never had a girl touch my dick. I was hard when she stopped. She held onto my dick and told me to fuck her.

    She got her dress up over her waist and got her panties down and leaned against the side of the house. Her command was not to try and be gentle, to just ram it in. I had never seen a naked girl's behind, much less a girl's asshole. She was impatient, she wanted it rammed in, to pull it out and ram it in again. This time I came and bathed her all of her insides. She told me I was stupid, I was supposed to pull out and let it out on the ground, not in her.

    Stephanie was in charge. I was her boyfriend from that night on. She liked it rough, she wanted to be mounted, to show her who was the man. I guess we were lucky because she didn't get pregnant. She wasn't on the pill and we never used condoms. If she gave me a blowjob and she got me to cum, she would let me cum in her mouth. She told me she was doing this for me, she would never let some other guy shoot in her mouth. We took lots of risks, on her back she always wanted me to cum inside.

    As we got older she wanted it more and more. Just shoot it, if I am pregnant I am pregnant, just shoot it, she would say. "For God's sake, just shoot and get me pregnant and get it over with". She wanted to get pregnant real bad. She wanted to get married and she knew that unless she was pregnant they weren't going to let us get married.

    After we graduated from high school she focused on her tits for a while. She was always asking me if I liked her tits. Hell I had never seen another girl's tits up close, I had never touched another girl's tits. She would stand back and have me pinch her nipples and pull her forward against her will. And then she wanted to get fucked, to just fuck her real bad, for God Damn's sake show her I was the man.

    On our wedding night, after we were done with college. On our wedding night she confessed to me that she was a one man woman. That blow job and fuck at that party was her first ever. She thought I was supposed to fuck her and when I didn't make the move, she did. She used to read these steamy novels that she found in the attic of her house. She got on top of me that night, our wedding night, and she told me that she was my virgin and to fuck her and get her pregnant, we had been fucking for eight years. To get her fucking ass pregnant, she wasn't ever going to use anything and I wasn't ever going to pull out of her again. She had the ring and she was a Mrs. Fill her up to the top, she wanted it so bad she got me to want it too. A baby right then was stupid on all counts, but Stephanie had waited so long for it, I said yes baby and fucked her that night, that first night she was my wife, I fucked her so that she would get pregnant.

    And she got pregnant. If not I may not be here telling the story.

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