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    Lesbian Female / 28

    Middle America. Ohio. Cleveland. Nothing exciting happens in Middle America.

    They came into town in a beat up old van. Musicians, with a girl. They ordered lunch and asked for directions. They were playing at this ratty dive, on a road trip. I went down there with a friend. The place was pretty empty so we were going to leave. The girl in the band got off the stage and this hood grabbed her. Off the stage came the guitar player, he broke his guitar over the hoods head. The hood got up and beat the guitar player up pretty bad.

    But he left and he left the girl alone. I don't usually get involved, but this boy was hurt really bad. I called my dad, who called an ambulance, who called the police. The boy was looked at by the EMTs and I told my dad that someone needed to look after the girl. He told me to bring her home with me.

    After a couple of days the boy was able to get around. His guitar was smashed and my dad had the ratty venue buy him another one. The girl, she stayed with us for those three days. She was an exotic tambourine player, with funny hair and long legs. My mother asked me to wash her clothes, they looked pretty bad. While her clothes were in the wash I let her wear some of mine, which fit more or less, not to go out, but ok to be around the house.

    I fell in love with the tambourine player. She left me her name, real name, and her address and when I finished college I went to see her. She wasn't a tambourine player any more, she was working at a real estate office. When I saw her I put my arms around her neck and kissed her. She looked at me and all she said was "OK". I was embarrassed, I had just acted. But she acted back. After about five minutes she came over to me and said lets do this again. How are you, glad you came to see me and then she took me up and kissed me. When she let me go she said we were even.

    We walked outside and she asked me if I meant it, the kiss. I said yes, it just came out of me. She asked me to kiss her again, but this time to put my heart into it. This time she kissed back, we had a long kiss. I guess I was still pretty young, she was 26 so I thought she was old, I was 22.

    That night she said I had to stay with her, like she had stayed with us. Except she lived with another girl in an apartment. She told me that there was only room for me beside her in bed. She was really experienced and she went for it all that night. She told me that she wanted me to reciprocate. Go for the gold, she told me. We didn't get much sleep that night and her roommate was all over us for the noise.

    My first all in love for a woman was with her. We stayed in love for a long time. We never dated, we just went from zero to sixty in one second flat. The difficulty with relationships is that you have to have more in common. She never went to college, and she was a bit impulsive. We drifted apart as I got older, but the feeling of being in love with her never left, it just found a safe place.

    Anyway, Cleveland OHIO, where nothing ever happens. Except that night.

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