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    Bi-Sexual Male / 30

    I was pretty humiliated when my wife force feminized me in front of our kids but it was nothing compared to the humiliation and shame I felt when her black boyfriend forced me to suck his cock in front of the kids

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    Dude, that's just fucking messed up. Get some self-respect.

    It's one thing behind closed doors, but really?!?? WTF?!????!?!?!
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    #1 I dont know, which one are the most stupidest people, fetishist like OP, or people like you?

    Do you REALLY think that any ordinary person would suddenly come here and complain how he was humiliated, feminized and feed a big black cock in front of his kids? Like, one day, out of the blue, his wife did that to him and he then decided to google from where he could get some support, and he just happened to found this site.

    He can't get any self respect, because his fucking fantasy is to be humiliated!

    #OP Sure, you did experienced all that.

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