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    My cousin Ricky and my uncle David have both been fucking me for nearly a year now. Neither as far as I'm aware, knows about the other fucking me. MAYBE it's time to let father and son know I'd love them both to use my asshole together. It's something I've been playing with in my mind ever since David nearly caught Ricky screwing me in their basement a few weeks back. Ricky had only just cum up my ass, when his dad walked down the steps. We made out we'd been wrestling, but I think my uncle kind of guessed what had been going on. I say this because later on with Ricky's cum still coating my asshole, Dave fucked me in the very same chair in the basement. Ricky was out at the store buying some food for a barbecue David was having for them and a few of his friends. Dave made a comment when he was fucking me on the chair. He said "Feels like someone got to your ass a little earlier" He didn't add to what he said, but he sure did give my hole a damn good fucking. Now I wish he'd had seen his son balls deep up my ass, just so we all knew where we stood. My only doubt, is making it bad between them.

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    The most intense orgasm of my life was getting sloppy seconds (after my son) on one of my son's bi fuck buddies.
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    my most intense orgasm was fucking my wifes pussy together with my son and feeling his cum pouring into her and all over me.
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    Both of my stepbrother's and their uncle have been fucking me since I was twelve. They've found out about each other, they're twins and didn't know that the other one was doing it. They've got no idea about their uncle doing it to me and who's moved in the guest cottage on our property.
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    #1- My fifteen year old nephew's been fucking this young kid, definitely jailbait for me. He's fourteen and has the hottest little boy pussy I've ever seen! It's perfect in every way possible. I hear the two of them going at it, grunting in soprano like to cute little piglets. I just had to take it, this ultra cutie had just been done by the three boys at the sleepover I was chaperoning, one that was my nephew.

    They'd gotten in the wine coolers and did this kid and fell asleep. This exceptional cutie was walking around post being fucked in his tight little boy panties dripping boy cumm. I just couldn't contain myself, this gorgeous, fresh fucked piece of boy cake submitted like a puppy eager to please. He whimpered a bit as I penetrated, panting, wiggling as I slowly slipped, stretching as I pushed all in. I couldn't believe how good it was let alone even fitting it into his perfect tight little ass. I chaperone all the sleepovers!!!

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