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    Straight Male / 51

    I never meant to have sex in public, but it happened like this. Her name was Shirley - she was older than me, maybe by about twenty years or so, but she was tall (much taller than I am) very slim and still very attractive. I knew her from a social club we both attended. I was only 26, I didn't have a car, so she began offering me a lift home from the club. The second time she dropped me at my door we talked outside for a while, then she asked, much to my surprise, "Can I kiss you?" Of course I agreed, but she wouldn't come in, saying she was in a hurry, but she said suggestively "Next time I won't be in a hurry."
    Next time we met at the club we left immediately together and we drove to the small seaside town about forty kilometres away, where I had grown up. I knew there were sand dunes there, and it should be easy to find a secluded spot. I was a bit surprised that she was wearing a trouser suit, thinking it would be easier to lift up a dress. We walked about a kilometre or so into the dunes, and lay down and began kissing. She began to moan instantly, and began fiddling with her trouser suit. I was staggered to see her push her trousers and her knickers down past her knees, revealing the promised land. I rolled over onto her and again was surprised that my dick went straight into her without any maneuvering or manipulation on my part. Like many tall women I've had she had an orgasm like a man's - in other words it built up, came, and then was over with. Soon after I squirted inside her and rolled off.
    She said 'That was beautiful!" Which it definitely had been for me, as I'd had very little sex over the previous eighteen months or so, after going through a messy breakup with my first wife. Then she said "We didn't care who came, did we?" I was just about to make a joking reply on the lines of 'Well, as long as we came!" but I suddenly wondered about the significance of her remark, and looked round. It had been a very balmy evening in May, and I now realised that, although where we were was fairly sheltered from close view, about thirty metres away was a path that was higher in the dunes, and which overlooked our spot totally. In addition about half the town come out to walk their bloody dogs as I was banging her, and they now stood transfixed in ludicrously artificial poses, the poor old mutts all straining at the leash not understanding why their owners had stopped dead. I almost said ungallantly "Well, YOU might not care, but I used to live here and it's quite possible some of those characters know me." My parents still lived in the town, after all.
    However I thought it would be wiser to pull our pants up and beat a very hasty retreat before someone reported us to the police for indecent exposure or something of the sort. We had sex once more in the flat I was staying in. A bit more mundane this time, with no spectators, but she said exactly the same as before "That was beautiful, wasn't it?" She undressed completely this time. She really was tall - about six feet two, or 1.88 metres. She told me she'd first had sex when she was fourteen with a "friend of the family" as she put it. I realised she just loved sex, but unfortunately I'd just met a girl I fell in love with, and I wasn't as adept at juggling two women as I later became, so I found an excuse to drop Shirley, and lost touch. Unfortunate, as two years later my new love and I split up, and I didn't find another long-term relationship for nine years.

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