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    Straight Male / 27

    I suppose this is as good a place to spill the beans about a bizarre relationship going on. After college I spent a lot of time searching for a clean apartment (sans roaches and rats) in a building not made of cardboard where I could hear the entire constellation of biological functions of my next door neighbor. Against the warnings of a few friends I walked into the rental office of an ugly building that I heard, despite the fact that it looked like a coffin from the outside, that it was a good one.

    The rental agent, Liz, was around 50, a shapeless woman who wore silly, over-sized glasses that looked like they were falling off the ridge of her nose. She was around 5'7" and badly needed to spend time at a gym. She showed me one of the apartments and I noted the building was steel and concrete with large cinder-blocks for walls. I signed up. A month later the rental agent showed up, unannounced and asked me how everything was going on, if I had any complaints. I said, "No, it's all good."

    She informed me that her husband (whom I had not met) was part owner of the property so she took "special pains to check things out." She was, as I experienced, a nasty lady, ready with some negative remark, some slight or put-down. She inserted herself into my space when talking to me and while I expected to be turned off by stench, she actually smelled of some exotic aroma unknown to me. Out of nowhere, she cam out with the comment, "A good looking hunk like you, at your age, you must be getting tons of ass." Startled, I had no idea how to respond.

    I finally let out a weak, "I'm fine." She developed the habit of coming by weekly and more or less pestering me,
    asking for a cup of coffee. She also sat in my couch with a leg up on it and I asked her to please do not get her shoe on my couch. Eventually she stopped doing it. One day, I came out of the kitchen with her coffee and she was sitting with her leg up again but no shoes. Her skirt was pulled up to her waist and she had a serious look on her face. "Give you any ideas?" she asked. I could clearly see her entire camel toe and gash. She was not shaven but well trimmed. Her genitalia was large and magnetic, something that surprized me.

    My cock took over my brain and began to rise up, so I unzipped to give it space. Feeling somehow out of control, I walked up to Liz and she spread her legs wider. There was no foreplay (other than a dozen or so boring coffee chats in the past, and I held my cock with both hands and aimed it toward her gash. As it slipped in, I smelled her perfume again and was really ready to fuck the nasty bitch. Slipping in easily, I felt her vagina clutching me like a hand. She said, "Get ready for the treat of your nothing life, kid." My thrusts and pulls were met with a real gripping action from her vagina. She started the most obscene banter I ever heard. She instructed me on rolling my hips as I thrust in and out, moving my hard cock from side to side while she "jerked" me with her vagina.

    In my mid-twenties I really did not have much experience and certainly nothing like this. That first time was a marathon, lasting around 45 minutes where we shifted to several positions. In the meantime, she regaled me with stories about how good her husband was before coming down with E.D. She said, "Too bad for him, the old fucker, but I'm still getting what I need." She got on top of me and rode my but not up and down, just sliding over me so my cock could feel her entire vagina she slid on me front to back...and she could demonstrate her muscular control. In a few weeks, she announced that she had stopped fucking two other young tenants and wanted to concentrate on me, for various reasons.

    She said, "You throw a terrific hump, kid." We began to do it daily and she would show up wearing nothing under her skirt. We always go for it minutes after she walks into my front door. We're still at it. Where she stops, nobody knows. It's completely unexpected but we actually make a great couple of fuckers. There's much more detail but I'll spare you that. My message is, "Never judge a book by its cover" an old cliche that happens to be true.

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