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    Bi-Sexual Male / 25

    My name is Barry and my girlfriend Sarah loves to spank me. I wear thongs so she usually wants me wearing only a thong and on her sofa on my hands and knees. She spanks my butt using a ping pong paddle. She really knows how to spank me into the state of utter embarrassment. The other night, she was spanking me and I was whimpering and saying cute sayings like âyouchie wowsers!â, âyikety yikes!â, âouchie-wow-wowâ, and âyowsa! My poor pounded panties!â She thought it was hilarious and had so much fun spanking my butt so red. Then I sat on the floor and kicked my feet with my fists and teeth clenched, while bouncing up and down repeatedly on my butt. While I threw this little tantrum, I grunted âugghhhh, I am soooo embarrassed!!â Sarah fell on the floor laughing so hysterically, she literally had tears in her eyes. I am very happy to make my girlfriend so happy but my poor butt was so very sore.

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    My best friend's older brother spanked me through my underpants at a sleepover two months ago. He came home late and was drunk when he said that I have the best ass he's seen. He pulled me on his lap and spanked me really hard. I couldn't help it and got a boner. I guess he felt it and grabbed me by the hair and yanked me up. He called me a little slut and tore my underpants in the back and forced me on my stomach. He pushed his dick into my butt and kept fucking me for some time. After he was done he went to his room and I took a shower, put on clean underpants and told nobody about it.

    The next day he acts like nothing happened and has been that way ever since. The weird thing is that's all I think about and even cream my underpants at night when I have dreams about it. There's another boy that had been trying to get me into bed with him so I let him. He has sex with me after school all the time but I really want my best friend's brother to want me again. He was the first and doesn't seem to remember, he dates girls too. I don't know what to do???

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