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    Straight Female / 22

    I set up elaborate scenerios that never come to fruition because, along the line, I realize I would never be confident or sexy enough to counterbalance the "weirdo" aspects. So, humour me as a faceless entity. I hope someone out there thought me at least a bit interesting.

    I would love to suck someone off in a ranked match of Overwatch or DotA 2. Voice chat on, mandatory. Hearing him trying to communicate to complete strangers in a strained, breathy voice would be just delectable.

    I would love to manipulate the game by matching the intensity. Deepthroating at the vigorous tapping of a team fight. Pausing, just licking the tip when his keystrokes cease, waiting for the timer. Though, as much as I'd enjoy feeling the struggling flesh against my tongue, I think I fantasize most about a flawless Invoker taking the challenge full on; face fucking me as a reward for a team wipe, and bobbing me up and down nonchalant as he builds his items...that general vein, and then teasing me to a much better effect.

    Similarly, getting a steamer to do a Dark Souls run as I bother them thoroughly. It would never work logistically, but here I am with a savefile with all the right bonefires lit and more ascetic than I can use. Gah, even I find it a bit odd that a savefile plays catalyst to one of my fantasies.

    Dark Souls 2 DLC. Fume Knight, Ivory King, Elena the Squalid Queen. Viewer participation, hopefully humiliating someone who could beat the game with half a piano and a pineapple.

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    Id be glad to help

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