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    Gay Male / 29

    I got roped into helping our neighbor rebuild his garage. He was a recently retired man who had purchased the property as a rental. No pay, this was one of those things where you agree but never wanted to agree. He was our neighbor. We lived in an older neighborhood, built up in the thirties, with small wooden houses and a few had stand alone one car garages. His was one of these houses. My roommate and I lived next door, in a house with no garage so we parked in the street.

    Anyway, he wanted to rebuild his garage, get it into condition so he could park a car in there. The structure was pretty bad, and even though I had agreed to help him I felt it was a waste of time. We had already emptied out everything in the garage, most of it was trash, should have been thrown out a long time ago. I won't say we were sweaty, but we were a little.

    He pulled the garage door down and I turned around to see what was going on and he had lowered his pants. He was standing there with his pants around his ankles. He looked at me, standing there, and all he said was something like when you want it you want it. As he stood there he was able to move his penis with his stomach muscles, his penis moved up and down and up and down. Minutes passed, I would look up into his eyes, but I focused mostly on his penis.

    I broke down and went over and got on my knees and put his penis in my mouth and I sucked him and sucked him. He ran his fingers through my hair, keeping my head focused on him. He got large and hard and was using my hand to hold his penis. After a while, who can count time, I felt him start to react and he held my head with both hands and he released himself in my face and when he was done he put his penis on my lips and I sucked him a bit more.

    When you want something you want something.

    That experience more than any other sticks in my mind. That is the day that I walked across the line and I could no longer tell myself that it was just my imagination. That afternoon I knew I was a cock sucker.

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    Mmm not sure I could resist if a man dropped trou with a hard cock. I a man did that, I would willingly be his eager little cock slut.
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    Mmm-mm, me too! I was an impressionable kid, cute and I knew it. I'd had men expose themselves to me at the beach, swimming pool and in the park. It just seemed like part of growing up for me. I'd always get embarrassed, blush and look away but keep looking back.

    It got me excited though, boners in my underpants at night in bed. I went from that tingling feeling when prepubescent to creaming my tighty-whities post puberty. I was still in middle school when my new neighbor moved in and I was offered by my mom to help him move boxes and unpack. He too exposed a well endowed, what seemed like the perfect shaped cock to a underdeveloped smooth thirteen years old.

    At his suggestion my impish barefoot small frame knelt before him in short cutoffs over cute boyish white cotton underpants that's waistband flirted with him. I was shirtless and was already aware of his fondness for a smooth skinned boy with an exceptional firm well shaped boy's ass. His hands had already fluttered about my shy, young, flirting flesh that so wanted attention.

    Both my hands grasping his mancock I studied it intensely before he gently pulled me into it with both of his hands. I felt so natural with it, my tongue working it inside my mouth as he came. I didn't know enough to swallow and it gushingly flowed down my chin, chest and stomach. All which he licked clean while both hands clenched my boycheeks. His hands slid down the back of my smooth thighs and back up and inside of my underpants as he pulled me tight against him. I had my first orgasm, creaming my underpants with cutoffs on.
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    My mom started noticing other boys spunk in my briefs when she did the laundry. She came home early from work and caught me and the older kid from down the block. He was fucking me on the bed with my underpants around my ankles. It was pretty obvious that I was liking it.
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    I knew fairly early on that I liked it. Boys will be boys and we messed around. A friend at school had a backyard pool with a cabana. He 'let' me suck him off in the cabana. I sucked him off a whole lot for a long time. I got exposed to a man during my senior year class trip to D.C. I didn't put two and two together, but the word was around that I sucked, spread by my classmate with the pool. Memories get fuzzy here, we were in the bathroom at the hotel, he followed me in before we went out to the bus. He stood beside me with his 'hose' and he made a comment about the shame of having to grow up. He grabbed my pee shooter and held it with his hand and suggested that I hold him, to see the difference. We went into a stall and he sucked me and told me I would get my turn later.

    When he presented it to me for me to try, it was love at first sight. I didn't realize then that he was hung, and I had the luck of getting to try it out. How big, I held it with my hand, I've held others, but nothing like him, he shot hard, it scared me, but we laughed. It is not that you love it, you are overcome with a hunger from deep inside.

    Cock sucking is a born with thing, practice comes later, but the hunger is there from the beginning.
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    Why do some men prefer to only suck over having one return the favor? I can't grasp not wanting to have your own dick sucked also. Another question I've often wondered about is why the love of sucking straight men? Cheers
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    Me and my best friend found a gay magazine in his older brothers room when we were in sixth grade when I was sleeping over. That started it all, the two of us in tighty-whities with our little peckers out of the fly's of our underpants sucking each other. It was before either of us could cum but that didn't stop us, lol. I usually sucked after getting sucked, and yes I've been with some straight guys, I think, because they said that they were married. I was a cute kid at the time that kind of showed my sexuality without me knowing it. So I guess I've been with straight men mostly when I was younger. I can't say that now though.
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    i have never turned down any guy who wanted a blowjob. i suck off some guys i work with and none of them know about the others,. i would like to suck 2 or 3 guys at once but until that comes along, ill just keep sucking them one at a time. love swallowing that cum!

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