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    After I got laid off from the company I had been with for over twenty years I floated from one job to another without finding success. Along the way, at this medium sized trucking company, I took a job as Controller. The office staff was small, although the company itself had over 100 employees.

    The office manager was a lady in her mid fifties. She was still very good looking, a bit heavy in the caboose and she obviously had big breasts. She wore open shirts and her charms on her necklace would slide down her cleavage and had the habit of fishing them out. She and I got along fine. Like me, she was working where she could get a job and a job that paid well enough.

    We had lunch and she asked me to come over on Saturday for dinner. Her apartment was nice, in a well maintained complex. Her ex-husband paid alimony and with her job she lived decently well. We had wine, she had music on, we had conversation, but it was hard to get away from work. She had dinner in the oven, a casserole. Our conversation had died down and she came over to me and said for me to let her see my dick. That we had time, maybe I would like a blow job before dinner.

    I was stunned, in spite of not being exactly innocent, I had never been propositioned directly. She was insistent and she got down on the carpet and she gave me a blow job. She told me that she was going to tease me because she wanted the mother load for after dinner. For those twenty minutes until the casserole was ready she sat on the carpet and stroked and would suck my dick on and off.

    Dinner was good, we talked and she took my hand from time to time and told me that the hardest thing about being single again was not getting any and that she was looking forward to just getting a good fuck and then we could watch a movie. She didn't let me help clean up, she was quick, she had put the last of the dishes in the dishwasher and she grabbed my hand and said come and eat my pussy.

    Her bedroom was pretty much a woman's bedroom, no television and heavy curtains. I was still looking around the room and she had gotten on the bed and laid back and opened her legs. See, no panties, she said, you could have fucked me anytime. Truthfully, right then I didn't know what to do. She was working her hands between her legs, not touching her pussy, but all around her thighs. I got on the end of the bed and I went down. Her pussy was wet, it was very wet, and after a few moments I was into it and she let me eat her while she played with her clit.

    She grabbed me by the hair and told me to go ahead and fuck her. She wasn't even undressed, and neither was I, I just got my pants far enough down with my shoes still on and I fucked her. Too much excitement and I finished pretty quickly, before she was able to have an orgasm. She took my clothes off, and took all of her clothes off, and we got in the bed and while she sucked on my dick she fingered herself into an orgasm.

    This woman was from California, and she told me about her wild days before she met her husband, and her wild days while she was married. She wasn't a sex addict, she was just a woman who enjoyed sex and had very few inhibitions. She was pretty much into anything that spiced things up. She liked being naked, and she liked having her breast played with. She gave me permission to do anal, but that is not my thing. We bathed together, and we had sex together, we went to the movies and we had dinner out and she prepared dinner in. She had toys, which she showed me one day, but said that as long as she had a live one, she wasn't really in need of playing with her toys.

    All in all, for many months we got along fine. At work people knew we were seeing each other, but no one cared.

    Time worked against us and after a while the steam went out of the balloon, we remained friends, but the sex came to an end. She was not going to get into a new relationship that put her alimony in jeopardy and I didn't want a commitment. I made friends with another woman, and she joked about me bringing her over for some fun together, but that never happened.

    All in all, she helped me more than anything to get my sense of being back. This helped me with my job performance and it helped me get back on track with my life. I have told her that she is good therapy.

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