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    Gay Male / 43

    I am in farm equipment sales and I travel pretty much all over the state. In my job I have come to realize that there are all kinds of men who want their cock sucked. Farmers, bankers, cops. I won't say that you just show up and suck their cock, usually it is a round about conversation with sexual overtones.

    I am not even some young guy, I am a veteran road warrior. Motels? Sometimes, but they don't want their cars seen there. Usually it is more of a bar thing, you strike up a conversation. You drive because you have the rental car.

    Farmers, you would not believe how many horny farmers are out there. Lots of cock sucking out in the barn. Some are just into a cock sucking, hurry up before someone might come by. Others are into making you suck their cocks if you want the sale. Either way I don't care. Farmers though, a whole lot of them want you to fuck.

    Bankers, what can I say? They all think they are the boss. But they have their zippers open and a stranger is sucking their cock. Bankers like to be sucked dry. I carry some lube with me, and I suck a banker and run a lubed finger up their ass and surprise, it makes them cum. Usually with a warning afterwards, don't do that, let them know first. They like to be in control.

    Other outside sales types, those you meet in bars, driving through just like you, usually end up in the same motel getting it on all night.

    Truckers, a few. The truth is that if the trucker wants it he usually has to make the first move. Again, if you are alone eating at the counter, or having a beer, they strike up a conversation about how lonely it is out on the road, and you have to offer, let me suck your cock. Maybe I will suck you again in the morning when we wake up.

    I don't do faggots or bar queers. They are a lot of out of balance types.

    Last night, I met a guy in the bar at the hotel. An outside salesman for a hardware company, calling on local factories. He is married with a family, got his cock sucked and his ass reamed and he wanted to bottom so he got fucked. He felt very bad about doing it, especially letting himself get fucked. He is gay, I kissed him after sucking his cock. I am not a top, I prefer to bottom myself. I am a cock sucker, but last night he needed a top.

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    I loved your confession! I'm a bi, married, masculine man (who travels for work) and I get more cocks and ass than my gay cousin who is a screaming queen.
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    How do you know exactly? I mean how do you know they'll go along and not kick your ass or worse? Also, for the married guy: why hide who you are from your wife? I don't get why so many men think cumming takes precedent over trust, years put into a marriage and more over, the kids! You gave up the right to put yourself first when you had them. I'm not saying you shouldn't get to fuck dudes. I'm just sayingyou need to bring your wife in on it. At least give her the option of staying with a bi husband or leaving. Sex is so important and so great. I just wish people would have the balls to be honest about what they need. I want that for my kids. That's for sure.

    Somehow this became a rant. I just love sex and wish everyone could enjoy healthy sex lives that didn't involve hurting someone you supposedly love.

    I really am curious though about approaching straight men for sex and knowing who will unzip and who will punch.
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    #2 I've been in the same boat as the author for years. Only I always meet my suck and fuck buddies in hotels. It's really not that difficult to tell once you understand most men love to have their dicks sucked. Single men in a hotel that sit alone in a bar, are ripe for the suggestive comments. Comments like "Hey, you on your own too, wish I had a reason to make somebody happy". If they ask what you mean in a forceful manner, back off with a comment about your wife. If they make a suggestive remark back, or hint at being alone and bored, ask them if think a guy could satisfy another guy. It gets kind of simple from then on. Take them to your room and have fun. In the twenty plus years I've been satisfying mens cocks and if they want to fuck me, my asshole, I've had well over a hundred men of all ages, creeds and size back to my hotel room. It's not always full on sex, but believe me sucking them off and seeing their sexual relief is amazing.
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    I've been loving a good fucking since I was a kid. I also find sucking another guy really satisfying also. I lead a pretty straight life until I travel, it's then that I sleep with other men. Being older I'm still attractive but I do miss my younger years when I literally had to chase them off. Now I have to look for it though I don't have much trouble finding it.
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    Thanks for the candid replies! Still curious why spouses don't get to know the true nature of your needs? Think the world would bea much safer places ifwe all just said what are sexual interests were. Also:
    Why do some men prefer to only suck over having one return the favor? I can't grasp not wanting to have your own dick sucked also. Another question I've often wondered about is why the love of sucking straight men? Cheers. Love this stuff and find it all sp fascinating.
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    #5- I never thought about whether a guy's gay or straight because it's always gay or bi guys I'm with, with a few exceptions. I suck as foreplay to getting fucked. I'd rather get fucked then get a BJ. I like submitting to another man and if he gets oral with me all the better.

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