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    Quick confession...

    My husband who's a year older than me, is a relatively reserved individual. Who just so happens to have a huge cock. Now I love all ten inches it in my mouth, up my pussy or occasionally deep up my asshole. But over the last year or so I've had visions, daydreams, or just plain thoughts about him fucking a very pretty nubile young teenager.
    I told him about those thoughts and he laughed them off. Yet three weeks back it became a reality. A young nineteen year old girl contacted us through an add I'd put on a sex website. I did it as a kind of "Lets see if anything happens" And boy did it happen.
    I spent two wonderful hours watching my husband licking on her sweet looking pussy, and watched her enjoying his massive member, sucking away on it as if it was the last cock on earth. I then got a little closer to them as he inserted his cock up her tight pussy and marveled at them having sex together. They changed position lots of times and each time I got a thrill from seeing her gaping quim. The ultimate though, was seeing her asshole stretch to take his full length. My husband who's normally not adventurous giving anal, went all animal on her ass. And I was astounded to see just how much he wanted to be fucking her asshole.
    They swapped over positions anally too and I just had to masturbate when she mounted his cock. I climaxed easily and then watched her have what turned out to be her eighth orgasm. Afterwards my husband was all sheepish about what he'd done with the girl, but I couldn't have been happier. As for her, she told us it's the best sex she's had and wanted to know if she could visit again. This coming weekend she's staying over and I've arranged for my husband to buy a digital film camera. We're going to film them fucking and I'm thinking of maybe joining them.
    It's easily one of the best things sexually I've ever experienced. Only wish we'd have done it years ago.

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