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    Bi-Sexual Female / 33

    We were posted to West Africa. I won't say the country because everyone thinks all you do is make them look bad. But think bad, and that is what it is like in that country. My husband's job was pretty intense, it was office work, executive work. I was at home in a compound. Nothing to do.

    This secretary of his office is a woman who is half and half. In America or Europe you would still call her black, but in her country she is half white, which makes her white. She is the queen of the office. Not because she is talented, but because she is half white, and that makes her white. She is very attractive, she has western features and her skin is a nice shade of brown. She isn't chocolate like most of the people here.

    My husband has her help me with all the things we need. We can't go out alone, so she went with me to the supermarket, or to any other function. I am going to skip to the part that got me in trouble.

    She has these breasts, they are not white person breasts at all, they are so full, so round. I wish I had breasts like that. Because they are not exposed to the sun her skin on her breast is this beautiful honey color and her breasts are so soft, and she has these nipples that shoot out, dark and big, and if there is anything that I have a weakness for is breasts. This is something that I kept to myself, I played around when I was single, but kept it to myself when I got married.

    She let me play with her breasts, fondle them, suck her beautiful nipples, lay my head on them, and she brought them up for me to suck and play with. When I play with breasts I can't help it but I start to look for the girl's pussy and I like to finger her gently, and to play with her clit. I fingered her, my white hand in her brown pussy, we laughed at how it looked. She fingered me, her brown hand in my white pussy. She asked me if I had ever had a brown penis in my white pussy and I told her no, never. I couldn't to that.

    She was hesitant to have me go down on her. We did it only after we had been bathing together on a hot afternoon. I didn't know that Africans don't do much of that. She wasn't too keen on eating me, but I had done it and she did it. I get bored with just feeling and fingering. Her pussy was dark inside, dark like dark Africa. My pussy is very pink inside, and she was uncomfortable with that. I think that having our pussies open caused her to think she was black and not white.

    She was cool to me after that afternoon. She did what she had to, took me places, but wouldn't give me her breasts anymore and wouldn't get naked with me. I told her I didn't mind that her pussy was so dark. It was her heritage. But she didn't want to hear that. She thought I was calling her black. She complained to the company that I was racist. She told me out loud, after the driver had dropped us off at the compound, that she was not black, she was white.

    The whole thing caused my husband to be reprimanded on my fault and transferred back to the States. Like I said, she was the queen of the office and I had called her black.

    Sometimes I think of her. I have written her but she doesn't answer.

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