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    Straight Male / 42

    I grew up in a small town. We all went to school together from grade school on up. I had a friend, she was a girl of all things, and one day she asked me what it was like to be kicked in the balls. I know exactly how old we were, we were twelve. We talked about being kicked in the balls, and I told her that the worst that had happened to me was that I slipped off the seat of my bike and crushed my balls on the bar.

    We snuck around to the back of her house and went into the garden shed and I let her touch and feel my balls and penis. She lowered her pants and let me touch and feel her. From then on our conversations were more mature, we talked all the time about growing up and how people had sex. It didn't cross our minds at the time, but we were both younger kids in our families, she had three older sisters and an older brother, and two younger siblings, and I was the third of six.

    We would escape on to the roof of my house. You could get out a window on the second floor to the roof over the kitchen, and then up onto the main roof of the house. We would take these large beach towels and go lay out there and talk. The world all around us down below, and we would lie up there and talk and she would play with my balls and penis. It was on the roof that we first kissed. It was also on the roof that I had my first ejaculation with her.

    We were in the tenth grade when she said it was time that we had intercourse. It was on my bed, we closed the door and she dropped her pants and laid back on the bed. She was on the edge, her legs hanging over the edge. Her legs were open just a little, she was hurrying me up to get my pants down. I got on her and we had penetration and ejaculation and then it was over. If it was a minute it lasted a long time.

    We didn't have intercourse again for a long time, not until we went to our senior prom. That night her older sister arranged for us to have a motel room and we had all naked, raw sexual intercourse. We had sex a couple of times that night. She wasn't worried, her sister had gotten her on the pill three months before. It was all planned. That night, all naked together, I really appreciated her. You may imagine a lot, you may have gotten a boob out of a bra cup, but having her all naked, head to toe, what could be better than that.

    My wife, her name is Anita by the way, was taught step by step by her older sisters, she was educated on the art of fondling me, of giving me head in the movie theater, of letting me get from base to base, she was told how and when to have intercourse, she was put on the pill by them. She and her sisters get together and have discussions about sex, what to do, how to do it, what not to try. They are very inventive, and what works they do over and over again, and what doesn't work is a one time thing.

    Still to this day, one of my favorite things, my favorite thing, is to watch tv on my bed and she lays beside me with her head on my lap and she plays with my penis and my balls. There are many minutes of massage, a few minutes of intense kissing and sucking, if she happens to get me too excited, she blows me hard and gets me off, and we go back to watching the movie or the show.

    Anita is a whole lot of things. She grew up as a girl amongst girls and she manages the house very well, and she has her daughters help now that they are old enough. She degreed but has been a stay at home mom once the little ones started to come along. We are in our early forties, we have five kids. But our time together is important. I don't know what she teaches her girls, or what happens when the girls all get together, aunts and female cousins. The girls know what they need to know, that's all I'm told.

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