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    Bi-Sexual Female / 20

    About 6 weeks ago I moved in with another woman. A medical doctor with a very popular clinic that she founded, a huge mansion and I am now her "wife". I had no idea that this would happen. She was an experiment about 4 months ago when I was 19. She is 42, very pretty, nice body, no kids, trimmed pussy, naturally blonde, with D cup boobs. I on the other hand, am not that attractive, 5ft. 4in, skinny with barely A cup boobs, and a brunette. Nothing special, though for some reason she set out to seduce me. She did. I'd never made love with a woman before and I loved it from the first time with her. We've done it outside, inside, in front of open windows, in the car, even on a nude beach in the Caribbean in front of everyone. At first I was embarrassed being with her in public, holding hand, kissing, letting people know we were a lesbian couple. Now I don't care about all that. She likes to wear mens type suits (though elegantly styled for a woman) mostly she is in slacks, and I've seen her stand to go pee at the toilet.

    She was lying on top of me two weeks ago, and was talking about things she likes to do, kinky stuff. I told her I would try anything but didn't know if I'd like it. In my mind we were being kinky just by having lesbian sex. She laughed and got up, took me into the bathroom and with me kneeling next to the toilet she stood and peed into it. She asked if I'd ever truly watched my self pee, or another woman. She knew I'd never been with another girl/woman and I said no. I watched and as she finished that last spurt some dribbled down her inner thigh, she brought my head to the tiny yellow stream and I kissed and licked it up to the most beautiful pussy ever. She parted her outer lips and I licked her clean. Later that night she laid out a small blanket on the floor of the bath, and as she was lying on top of me on the blanket, she whispered to just let it happen and not move, not say anything. I felt the warmth of her stream flow over my belly and down my brown pussy hair and into my own pussy lips. She kept peeing as she was kissing me, squeezing my tits and nipples as only she can, and made me cum. Then she moved her pussy to my face and straddled me and I licked her clean and made her cum twice. Then she left me to clean up the mess and I did. Showered and fresh I moved into the bed and cuddled with my "husband".

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    That is sooo hot! I'm a shy female who has always wanted to something kinky with another woman, but never had the nerve to try something very different. This inspires me!!

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