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    Bi-Sexual Male / 43

    Depending on the situation and time, we mostly meet up weekdays. If his parents have already gone out to work and my wife has left early herself, I most likely will text him to get himself ready. It's only a few minutes then until I enter his home through the rear patio doors, climb the stairs, enter his bedroom and see his cute tight ass staring back at me. It'll be smeared with lube and he's more often than not being playing with himself by then. My cock is usually fully erect by the time I enter his bedroom, with the anticipation of fucking such a beautiful young fuck piece. Not wasting time, I'll put my bare cock to his rear opening and plunge it straight in.
    He's always enjoyed me fucking him this way, once I taught him how to enjoy a large cock. So I no longer hear any moans of "Take it easy", or "It's too big". And from the moment my cock bottoms out up his gorgeous ass, I fuck him hell for leather. Never once giving him or his comfort any thought. To me during those moments of pure sex, I'm the dominant man and he's my very sub little cock whore. Any thoughts of him trying to with hold his absolute obedience away from my dick, and my sexual needs, have been fucked out of him long ago. Ever since I first entered his tight fuckhole on that Christmas eve. Now Ryan begs me to fuck him deeper and harder and I oblige him until he cums spurting his cream over his own duvet. Knowing his seed has been spent, it helps me to build upto a normally forceful orgasm. Always cumming deep inside his youthful bowels, as he and I moan out our mutual pleasure. With my ball drained and my cock slipped from his cum laden hole, Ryan gets his treat. I allow him what I know he loves, I have my nineteen year old lick and suck off my cock and balls.
    There are times when it's not possible to fuck him in either his or our home. So we meet up away from our neighborhood and have sex in or around my car. It's not as spontaneous, nor is it as comfortable. But it does have it's advantages, in as much as we enjoy fucking outdoors too. We live where there is some fantastic scenery and having his cute asshole speared on my cock as I view the beautiful vista's, is just magical. That and having Ryan's undivided sexual attention.
    Who knew on Christmas eve 2016, my whole sexual world would change for the better. I'm so glad now I decided to kiss Ryan so passionately at his parents party.............

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