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    Lesbian Female / 23

    I am 23. I recently graduated from college. In high school I was the 'younger' girl. The 'other' girl is now 26. She is always on top. When you are the younger girl you have to let her be on top. I am supposed to move in with her. Right now we live in separate places, on purpose.

    Once I move in I know how it is going to go. When I am at her place, it is always the same. She can't keep her hands off my ass. Fortunately in public we are both respectful, we are not that couple which is showing off. But when I am alone with her, she can't keep her hands off my ass. I let her, because what else am I going to do? She likes to put her arms around me, put both hands on my ass, and then kiss. No kiss before she gets her hands on my ass. She has an ass fetish.

    I am naturally passive with her. She is the older one, and I follow. In bed, from way back when we started, it is about having her rub me down, she likes to spend time on my boobs, which I like a whole lot. I also like being on my stomach and have her massage my thighs and buttocks. It feels so good.

    Neither one of is tattooed, which in our world is almost one of a kind. But we do have washable pens, and we draw on each other. It is fun, make believe tattoos. She puts on deep red lipstick and kisses me all over and I wake up with lip marks all over my body. Lipstick takes a long time to wash off. I have to be careful because once while I was still in college I went out with a lipstick kiss on the back of my neck. Explain that to the girl sitting behind you? She kisses me all over.

    We did go and get a marriage license. "I do". It sounds kind of silly. "I do". After we say "I do", I will move in. You don't live together until you are married. Old school mom stuff I know. But that is the way it is. No "I do", no living together.

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