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    My sister was a high school soccer coach and got busted for messing around with one her students. The girl's parents didn't press charges, plus she was 17, above the age, but still a problem. The whole thing was resolved when my sister resigned. She came to live with me.

    My sister is a little bit of a bitch. She doesn't work. She is the wife as far as running the house is concerned. She doesn't want any woman in her house. Now it is her house. Her view is that I should find sex somewhere, even if I have to buy it, but not to bring another woman into her house.

    She got involved for a while with this nurse. This nurse wanted to be the alpha and my sister told her to take a hike. Since then she goes out and finds a girl, usually at this lesbian dance place, brings her home and I have to deal with her later. Most of these girls fall in love at the drop of a hat. My sister wants them, but is not in love with them. Figuring out this lesbian stuff is really hard.

    I brought a woman home with me, introduced her to my sister. Reluctantly she was nice to her. Until she saw us getting serious. She is not going to have another woman live with us. The dirty low down fact is that I am not going to put my sister out on the street. I just have to find that woman that my sister will live with.

    One girl she brought home, she was a kid in college, didn't care who got her tail. I fucked her. My sister got more pissed than I had ever seen her. Seems like this lesbian thing is a not to be shared lifestyle. I really like that girl. I still see her, but don't bring her home. She is one of these college kids that lives in a world where sex is fluid between them.

    One night, I got home and my sister wasn't there and there was no dinner. She didn't answer her phone so I went out looking for her. All the usual places. There are two lesbian bars that she frequents. It is always lady's night at these bars. Anyway, I go in and find her getting serious with this girl. She ruined it for me with my lady friend, so I went up to her and told her to get her ass home and cook dinner. You should have seen the looks I got. I took her by the ear and walked her out, screaming and yelling, but I didn't let go. I laughed my ass off for several minutes. She did come home and cook dinner. She says I ruined it for her at that bar.

    Living with a lesbian is not easy. Nothing works the same. Most of the girls I have met are not keepers in any sense of the word. Some aren't even pretty.

    All in all, I am seeing the college girl. I really like her, it is not only the sex. She is bright and has a future, and she has me as a steady which keeps her off the market. When my sister finds out that this girl is moving in when she graduates next spring, all hell will be there. But this time I am putting my foot down, this one is a keeper. I want to wake up with a woman beside me and they can figure out how they are going to split the duties.

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