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    Straight Male / 32

    This goes back to my 17th birthday and Mom buying me a new computer and got me on line with it. Other than the ones I used at school, I never had my own. Since I knew she would discover it anyway, I told mom that I would browse some porn with it. She said not to let it take too much of my time. Months went by and I was busy actually researching an assignment on line when Mom called me down for dinner. Thinking back, I can's recall how the devil it happened but I found myself on a pornsite watching a threesome and pulled my joint out to join the cast.

    I heard mom call my name and the door opened. She said, "Oh sorry, sorry" hurry and come down and join us. After dinner in the kitchen Mom used tact and a euphemism but managed to get out the fact that she thought I was "hung" and did not know where it came from since dad, long gone, was nothing like that. I told her, stupidly, now that I recall, "It gets like that when I'm really heated up, Mom."

    What I did not expect at all, Mom told aunt Helen about it and for the months of summer at the beach and her pool, across town, she began to flash me. At first it was subtle and I failed to get the message, still being just a kid. Them, she tired of the game and seriously flashed me, leaving doors open, dropping things and bending over in front of me. Eventually, I had seen her entire body nude. She was hot. It was her way of inviting me for sex (it would have been my first). She was some years younger than Mom and with a tiny wasp waist that fleshed out into a fabulous set of hips and rear.

    After a while I knew I did not have the balls to try anything. I did begin to flash her back by walking
    past her with a full erection tucked in my shorts, once, part of my tool hanging out. I heard her mumble stuff. I began to realize that she did not want to start the sex affair but wanted me to do it. We never did anything
    but I imagine she masturbated to thoughts of me as much as I did to her.

    In time, the heat in both of us chicken shits cooled off and we matured. But I have no regrets.

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