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    Bi-Sexual Male / 47

    I was forced to retire when I turned 67, a small package and out the door. I moved into a small apartment in a subsidized retirement community complex. I live alone as I am divorced. I started walking to get out. I went grocery shopping, went to the mall once or twice a week. I didn't meet anyone. People just came and went.

    I was at Walmart, really just cruising the isles, I didn't need anything. I was in the plumbing section. A man, a little younger than me starting asking for advise and we got to talking. He touched me and I let him. He touched me again and put his hand on my stomach. We talked and our hands touched. We agreed to get a cup of coffee and talk about his plumbing problems. I told him about my new place. He asked if he could come see my apartment, he had driven by so many times and often wondered what the apartments were like.

    In my apartment I sucked him. It was so good to suck a man again. As I have gotten older I found that I get a lot of pleasure from that.

    He is not one of these men who wants to get going fast. We talked and he let me suck him on the couch. I got naked and asked him if he wanted to get naked with me. I love being naked with a man. We fondled, kissed and sucked, and he agreed that we could kiss. I love kissing, I need kissing, somehow kissing makes me want to have sex. We had sex in the bedroom. I love the feeling, I always have. Like I said, he is not one of those men who are into haste. He was gentle and talked to me the entire time he was having sex with me.

    He has a family so we see each other on weekends. He knows where I live so he comes by. Even if he can't stay very long, we kiss and he lets me suck him for a while. More than once I sucked a guy who got angry if he couldn't cum. It doesn't work that way. It takes a lot to help him cum, especially once you get older. He is really my only friend in this neighborhood. From time to time I call and meet up for lunch with one of the guys I worked with, but that is once a quarter. There really isn't much in common, seeing that we are generation apart in age.

    I intend to take a couple of courses at the junior college, in English literature. Retirement is not easy. The financial concerns alone make it hard. Being alone is also hard. For now I have my new friend. My family asks me if I have met a lady. I have, but right now I am not interested, right now I want to do what feels good. Kissing with my new friend and having sex with him. I need that right now, not trying to start a relationship with a lady friend.

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    I agree with you - now that I'm older, I increasingly enjoy the act of sucking. Feeling another man's meat in my mouth, the head of it poking against the back of my throat and pushing its way in. The feeling of rawness that lasts for hours afterwards, going through my day, talking to people, and all the time feeling bruised inside from the pounding that dick has given my sucking throat. Nothing feels better than continuing to feel the memory of that cock for hours. Wish you were nearby so that we could 69 to our heart's content. Our mouths moving back and forth from long deep kisses to juicy cockmeat and back again. Nothing better.

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