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    Straight Female / 54

    It has been over thirty years. I was 22 and I was seeing him, intimately. I never got over him. I am still not over him. I followed him and lived where he lives. Very early on he took me home to his wife, they were just married. At that time he had us both on the line. I slept with them in their apartment for over a year and then moved out on my own. I went back after six months. I thought I would move on with my life. I never did.

    I told her about us from the very beginning. She told me he should never have done it, been with me and getting married. And I felt he shouldn't have gotten married to her, as he was with me. We are pretty plain vanilla, except that we share ourselves together. That is our kink, we make love together.

    By the time I was 32 I had given up on ever being able to have my own life and I went ahead and had my son. She has a daughter older than my son, and a son a year younger than my son. Her nickname for him is 'Ham' and it stuck, he was the ham in the sandwich.

    From the time I moved in with them she has always let me sleep with them, we never slept apart. The bed is split in three. His place, my place and her place. Like my son, I am the ham in the sandwich, I sleep between them. After 30 years sleeping together you don't know how to sleep alone. From apartment to house to second house, to vacation cottage, we never had separate bedrooms, we share a king size bed. We travel like that as well. The kids always had their own room and we had a room. When visiting relatives we stayed in a hotel. Not everyone was accepting of us early on. Today none of our relatives care, we are never further away than being an in law.

    In all these years we have never discussed living arrangements. Housework is done based on who has the time and inclination, including him. I have had periods of staying home, she has had periods of staying home, we both work now that the kids are out of college. There is nothing that is hers or that is mine. A few things are his, like his Harley, but everything else is just ours. It is our home, our life. From the earliest days we have one bank account for the three of us. All the money goes in there, and managing it has always been her and my joint responsibility. He doesn't get involved.

    On most things she and I are very codependent. If we are not together, we are in contact several times a day. We work close together so we drive in together and drive home together. Being apart is not for us. There are very few things we don't do together.

    It is not life in the fast lane. The first day I met her I was scared of meeting her. But when we first met, she hugged me. She showed me the apartment, she showed me our room, and she asked me if I wanted to sleep on the edge or in the middle. He had told her I was coming to live with them. When I moved out things were hard between us, she felt she had been rejected. Moving back was the only thing for me to do. That was my home. We were young, only 23, and a plural life wasn't what any of us knew anything about. We never had a name for it. We just melted together.

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    Great story. I wish you could submit pix etc. but perhaps you could describe them so I could see them in my mind.

    Was this the first time you had sex with a woman? Sex with more than one person at a time? What was the first time like? Would you have sex with one or the other when the other wasn't available?

    This is actually a first for me. Certainly, I heard of casual FWB's, but this takes it to a whole new level.

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