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    Bi-Sexual Male / 32

    I've been married for 10 years, love my wife but I've been fucking a guy at a popular Health Spa in Atlanta,Ga for a while now. We met in the whirlpool and went for drinks later on. One day in the whirlpool full of people he started rubbing my cock under water and got me soooo hard so we went to the shower and he sucked me till I came, maybe in 2 minutes or less. wow what a rush. Later getting dressed I felt dirty and guilty having Gay sex. I didn't go back to the gym for about 2 weeks, but by then I started getting turned on thinking about gettin a blowjob in the shower. Maybe it was the thought of having public sex or having forbidden sex whatever it kept me hard for weeks. Finally went back to the gym and went straight to the whirlpool. In just a few minutes my buddy, let's call him Slim, got in with me and I already had my trunks pulled down for easy access. He grabbed hold and jacked me hard and even went under water a sucked my swollen member. We made our way to the shower and I came really hard again. Since that day we go almost everyday and I fucked him in the shower, whirlpool, swimming pool and in my Tahoe outside. Now it's been several months together we skip the gym and pile in my Tahoe and head to the Lake 30 miles away. Yes we are happy campers, fuck you very much

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