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    Straight Female / 51

    I'm a fifty one year old grandmother who lost her husband in the middle of last year. We had such a physical relationship, I instantly missed having his wonderful cock pleasuring my pussy and ass. His death was very sudden and for a while I almost couldn't believe he was gone. My family tried to help as best they could, but at nighttime on my own I missed everything about him. Mostly though when I entered our bed, I missed how most nights we'd have such passionate sex.
    After a couple of months I tried masturbation using my fingers and then eventually bought a dildo off the internet. But it wasn't the same. I'd already had one offer by then of sex. It was from a man who I'd known for years, but he was to me only a friend. Throughout my life I've kept myself very much in shape by swimming jogging and lots of Yoga. I'm still very supple and have a body that many twenty year olds would love to have. Age to me is only a number and I don't in any way feel or look fifty one.
    Just after New year, a new family moved in across the street and one of the older children, a young man called Gabe, began doing things around the neighborhood for money. Having had an accident with my DIY skills, I asked someone who knew them and the following day Gabe called over. He was so charming, yet also a little forward in the way he spoke. At one point I caught him eyeing up my ass when I showed him what I wanted doing. I didn't get angry or feel as though he'd overstepped the mark. Instead I felt incredibly turned on. Again and again I caught him looking at my ass, my breasts or peering at my pussy mound through my tight Yoga pants. Eventually I asked him if he liked older women. The young man who I'd only known for about quarter of an hour said "Only the one's who look like you".
    What took place then I can only say, was done through need, sexual starvation and having a nineteen year old kid telling me basically he'd fuck me.
    I dropped down yanked down his shorts and saw he had no underwear on. Gabe's cock wasn't as big/long as my deceased husband's, but it was and is much thicker. Even so I sucked it into my mouth easily and knew when he instantly gripped my long blonde hair, he wanted sex just s much as I did.
    The feeling of his young cock growing in my mouth, as I continued to suck on every inch of his beautiful manhood gave me a thrill I'd not felt for a long time. I worshiped his cock as though I'd never get one to suck on again, and Gabe only made it better by fucking my mouth after a while. Moving my hands a round to his firm buttocks I felt him squeezing them as he fucked me face and it sent shivers of delight down my spine and into my sex organs. i was alive again and I was going to make damn sure this young man would want more.
    Releasing his cock, I grabbed his hand and told him to follow me. As we went we were both removing our clothing. I turned to see his fully erect cock bobbing in front of him as we mounted the stairs and couldn't wait. Sitting on a step I took his gorgeous cock back into my mouth and sucked on him again. Letting it slip from my eager lips, I renewed my movement upstairs and on into the bedroom I shared with my husband for so long. Turning as he entered I was about to say something, but Gabe threw me onto the bed and instantly put his face between my legs.
    Over the next whatever time it was, he licked sucked and fingered my pussy and clit. After having two awesomely strong orgasms, I was about to rise, but he pushed my back down, sucked in my engorged clit and slipped two fingers deep inside my asshole. My body reacted by spasming into one of the most intense climaxes I can ever remember having. My back arched so much I thought he'd never be able to keep his mouth sucking on my clit, but Gabe was clamped to my love bud and he wasn't letting my ride finish just yet.
    Lifting his face briefly away from my sex, he asked me if I'd ever been taken up my ass. The response he got was for me to slide two of my own fingers up my ass, and tell him to lick my "mummy hole". Something my husband used to call my pussy.
    Sex has always been a special part of my life, and not from a very good start either. At the age of fourteen I was taken by a man who later found himself without the possibility of being able to walk. Thanks Uncle Jim!.
    From then on however, I soon found myself as someone who loved sex and men. I wasn't a slut per say, but when I was with someone I really liked sexually, I'd make damn sure they and I had a whale of a time sexually. Often doing things other girls wouldn't do or try. And anal was one of those sexual bents I had.
    Anal sex, that's what Gabe wanted and I was more than prepared to offer him. Parting from his arms I moved him up so we were in a missionary position, then I held his cock and guided it into my pussy. His cock slid in and made me gasp. My husband had a longer cock, but his cock and the dildo I'd been using, wasn't anywhere near as broad as Gabe's fully erect penis. And his awesome cock stretched my pussy until I felt myself fully surround his length. And it felt utterly dirty.
    I had a nineteen year old kid deep inside my pussy and I was holding onto his butt cheeks pulling him in. He'd just then lifted his head up and we were facing each other. In a purely spontaneous way, he lowered his head and we kissed. I didn't see us as a loving couple, or did I ever envisage myself kissing another man in that way. But it felt right and it also felt passionate too.
    gabe's cock drove into me over and over again sending pulses of delight throughout my body, I was having my mini orgasms as he fucked me with a knowledge beyond his years. Then like it was agreed between us, he quickly slid his cock out of my pussy, lifted me up a little and then drove his cock hard into my asshole. the pain was instant, but also was the sheer and wonderful feeling of absolute pleasure. It was combined in such a way I gave myself completely to him.
    Missionary, doggy, spooning me holding onto my breasts so tightly. And then with Gabe gasping from his exertions, I mounted the young man and let my pussy take the first hammering in that position. Gabe reached up and played with my tits again. His grin was one of sexual want and I knew what to do. Grinding down onto his cock, I reached behind me and squoze his balls. not gently, but also not too much as to hurt him. I knew if I carried on fucking him this way, he'd cum and I didn't want his semen just yet.
    Looking directly into his deep blue eyes, I told him I was going to slide my asshole onto his cock shaft. I also told him he'd better make damn sure I orgasmed first. The added pressure I gave him, to me had always been a way of holding a man off from cumming too quickly. And Gabe didn't disappoint. His cock botomed out up my ass and I felt his pubes tickle the inside of my thighs. Punping his cock up as I sank right down onto him, I built up rhythm and force. My asshole was in heaven and I knew I wan't far from a very powerful climax. Gripping his chest told him I was cumming and watched as he thrust hard driving his cock deep into my bowels. My asshole tightened and my pussy winked its knowledge of pleasure. Then my whole world span as the orgasm tore through me. I'm not sure how many times Gabe thrust upwards into my anal cavity. What I do know, is he didn't stop fucking me long after his own orgasm forced his hot semen into my body, making my orgasm renew itself and we both collapsed together, with Gabe's cock still see sawing up my rear hole.
    On parting we kissed again, and I told him we should shower. We did so, and we washed each other, not caring about the time or the years between us. Kissing throughout, he finally broke away and told me I was his first anal conquest. He also told me he wanted to fuck me again and again.
    Gabe to my family is a quiet young guy who gives me a hand around my home. He is very good with his hands. Only it's not only DIY he uses them for. We don't fuck all the time, just most of it. And we don't advertise anything either. To the outside world we're just good friends and neighbors.
    Inside my house, my bed and anywhere else we fancy fucking, Gabe and I have become amazing lovers. I'm not stupid enough to fall in love with him, but I do love him for what we have. It's sexual I know that, and it's whilst it lasts. What I do know is, if and when Gabe fancies another girl maybe his age, I'll make sure I'm not left alone long until I find another younger man to take his sexual enpowerment deep inside my sexually energized body.
    Thank you for reading my confession and happy times sexually, if you're able to enjoy somebody else's life.
    Clara x

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    very good stories, see older women do love to fuck, also older men love to fuck too. you go lady wear his ass out., he,s comeback for
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    Sorry for your loss. My wife and I are your age and so very close and very sexual together.

    Vert good story of your experience. Best wishes to you!

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