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    Bi-Sexual Male / 29

    Eight weeks ago this coming weekend, I woke up in a hotel room with a fuzzy head, a creamy tasting mouth, an arsehole which was definitely a little sore and leaking fluid. And a little note on the pillow by my side.
    The little note said "Thank you, you were amazing. Had to leave, text me if you want to get together again. Ps I've watched the film of us on your phone. Boy we fucked so good".
    Picking my phone off the side cabinet, I flicked through to the pictures and set the film playing which was titled "Hot and juicy".
    Over the next twenty five minutes I watched myself sucking on the cock of a guy I didn't know. Then I watched as he fucked me in lots of different positions. Not once did I complain and not once did he slow down as I moaned loudly. I then heard myself telling him to cum up my arsehole as he asked me if he could. His face was of pure sexual ecstacy as he came deep inside me. Pulling out of my arsehole, he moved up and I began to lick and suck off his cum from his coated cock. Then the screen went blank. But not as blank as my mind.
    I remember going to the party. I remember chatting to all kinds of people and I remember my wife calling me just before she boarded her flight home from the US. I don't remember leaving the party, or being with the guy who I obviously had willing gay sex with. And I don't remember all the sexual things we did together, nor him filming us fucking on my phone.
    I did phone him the following day to ask him about all kinds of things, and he answered with a happy voice of someone I thought I knew. It was only after a few more sentences it came back to me who he was and why I only knew his voice. It was my wife's boss, someone who I sometimes answered the home phone to. He's like her, in the airline business as she's flight attendant.
    I remembered then talking to him at the party and how we somehow agreed to leave together. The rest I didn't and still don't remember from my own mind. But watching the film over and over again, I knew I'd enjoyed the sex and I knew watching and knowing myself, I'd want it again.
    He assured me he was clean, but if I wanted to, he would pay privately for me to be tested. I was tested the following week and heard back within days. I held off having sex with my wife until I got the all clear and wondered what it all meant to me.
    What it has meant to me, is me visiting his amazing apartment and having sex with him totally sober. And loving how his cock makes me and my arsehole feel. He's forty eight and loves being dominant with me and tells me, we're right together.
    What's weird, as I've never once wanted or even thought about gay sex before. Is he's totally right. In the last eight weeks I've spent lots of time with his cock down my throat, or deep inside what he calls my fuckhole. And the more he fucks me, the more I want him and his gorgeously thick cock.

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    I was on vacation with my aunt for two weeks this last summer. We had adjoining rooms and I was turned into the boybitch to one of the other resort guests. It was so cool!

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