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    Straight Female / 23

    I am an immigrant, first generation. My family has other members who immigrated earlier. I went to college here. I was presented to a man last weekend. My uncle who is responsible for me here told me that he expected me to get married. I don't know this man. I have never met him or know anything about him. He doesn't know me. The wedding date is already set, for June. The man I am supposed to marry is living in San Juan Puerto Rico working with the relief effort. He is an engineer. I won't see him again until the week I get married.

    My mother was married the same way. So have all my aunts. My family is very large and has lots of contacts and they use the girls to marry into families that make good business alliances. The man I am going to marry comes from a family with a large manufacturing business and my family wants to have a joint venture with them, to represent them here and be the exclusive agent for selling in America. This is one of those opportunities that cannot be missed. I am the sacrificial lamb. My husband to be is going to manage that business.

    None of this is new to me, I have always known from very young that you get married to the man that is chosen for you. We can have friends, but any romantic feelings are killed. I was never allowed to fall in love. I have lived in America since I was 17. My uncle is responsible for marrying me.

    I will not go into the marriage as pure. I don't know if that is expected any more, but that is how they talk. He gets a good girl from a good family who is untouched. I get a man from a good family who is a good earner and can support a family. I am pretty sure that if I tell that I have been to bed with a couple of men I will be sent away. A friend of mine from college, who was married last year to a dentist from Maryland, told me not to say anything. What they don't know doesn't matter. If I talk I will be sent away.

    I was sat down by my mother and my grandmother after the man left. I was told to search up, down, and all around, and find a single case of a family woman that is divorced or abandoned by their husband. There are none that I could identify. I am supposed to be comforted by this.

    It doesn't matter, the wedding is set for June. This gives me time to prepare and know more about his family. My uncle and my future father in law were junior officers in the army together when they were young. Now they have the chance to sew the two families together.

    I look at my fourteen year old sister, I told her I am happy. We both know that I lied.

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