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    Straight Female / 30

    Thirty is a good age to be. I now have a job that pays me 70K a year. I admit that I was careless and stupid in my early twenties. I won't go into too many details, but I did not respect myself and I let a lot of things happen that I regret. And for whatever reason, allowing anal sex is way up there in the regret meter. Also, being a slut that was passed around at parties having sex with several men in one night. Nothing nice, and nothing you want to talk about. All this was in college and right after.

    I am now seeing a grown man, a respectable man. He is divorced and he has kids in their twenties. His daughter is three years younger than me. Not quite the step mom image that you think about. She has been my best friend, helping me learn how to be the right person for her father.

    This man is my dream come true. He is smart, real smart. It scares me and it turned me on from the beginning when I met him. He is in my opinion very good looking, very manly. He is 55 and very fit. He is a true lover. He showed me that he could make me have an orgasm without penetration using a feather and blowing on my clitoris. The only thing I had to do was allow myself to be blindfolded. He learned that from a Chinese woman in Singapore. Freaky beyond belief, his words and his denial of giving me penetration drove me up the wall and when I had an orgasm it was unlike anything I had experienced before. It is an oriental thing.

    I am learning several things with him. One, which he holds as a must for a girl, is to know how to entertain. I have a tutor, a woman in her fifties that is teaching me and his daughter the fine art of hosting a party. It is a lot of fun. His daughter and I are also taking lessons on makeup, to look sophisticated. It is like playing dress up, but for real.

    I am also exploring light bondage. Freaky not to be able to get away. I never imagined that being bare butt spanked with his hand would get me aroused, but it did. Learning to let him spank me and touch my butt is also freaky. You are taught all your life not to let yourself be touched like that, and all of a sudden you have to surrender yourself to his hands. He is very experienced, he lived in the Far East for several years and knows things that are new to me. I got a gift of anal beads. I haven't used them, he told me these were for when I was alone.

    He is a love maker, by the time he mounts I am past the point of being able to resist. I have a lot of penis items that he gave me to get familiar with, also from China and Southeast Asia. Carved out of wood and ivory, some are so delicate and others are grotesque. He says they are ancient dildos. Who knew that the Chinese had ivory dildos? You aren't supposed to use them today, he gave them to me to fondle and touch. Sitting naked with him on the bed with a grotesque ancient ivory penis in my hand is a bit freaky as well. He wants me to worship them. His daughter does not know about these.

    Thirty is proving to be a new year for me. I have a nice job, and I met a very interesting man. As a bonus I met his daughter, who is a very good friend. He gave me an engagement ring that is still strange to wear, it is too big. I am getting married to a man in a May September wedding. I fell for him because of the sex, I fell in love with him because of who he is, his money is nice to have but it is the sex that got me, not his money.

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