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    Lesbian Female / 25

    It all goes back to when I graduated from High School. At that time I got a job as a life guard in our community pool. Part of the deal was that you walked around with a sun tan all summer long. I also played tennis. At the pool was another life guard, she was also on her summer break before college and we became friends. When we got off together, we would change in the dressing room together. She is a girl with curvy hips and nice boobs. One day, she was putting on her bra and I offered to help. She laughed when I adjusted her boobs in her bra. I didn't laugh, I held her against me and told her she was the prettiest girl I knew. She didn't pull away, she put her hands over my hands and leaned into my arms. She asked me how pretty did I think she was. We stood in the changing room for a long time, making up things about how pretty she was.

    When we were dressed and getting ready to leave she told me to stop and she fixed my hair. She asked me if she had hair like mine, would I still think she was pretty. We walked out together and stopped by her car and talked for another 30 minutes. When she finally sat down in her car it was hard to say see you tomorrow.

    That night I didn't sleep. I texted her around midnight and she answered and we got on the phone and talked for an hour. We started hanging out together, and seeing each other after work and on weekends and we got hot and heavy. She changed colleges to go to college with me. I undressed her many times, she liked being undressed by me, head to toe, and she would turn and ask me how pretty did I think she was. We usually ended up in a very long kiss. We went to college and roomed together.

    She is definitely more athletic than me and into sports more than me. I went to see her every time she played intramurals and we went to the football games together, even when it was cold. More reason to sit together under the blanket. No one knew us at college so kissing during the games or when we caught up with each other on campus was not about anyone else but us. We no longer dated guys, we hadn't since our summer life guard time.

    Prior to being with her I never had a clue, or any feelings about being with a girl instead of a guy. She will tell you that she always had doubts, even in the fifth and sixth grade, but I don't see how you would know then. She says it is because she always only crushed on female artists, and never had a crush on a male artist. I still like male artists, not to go to bed with, but I like them.

    We are done with college, and we are out in the real world with jobs and all. We live together in Queens in a third floor walkup, a one bedroom efficiency which is all we can afford. One day, when we are rich and famous, we will move downtown to some apartment in the sky, if nothing else, for the elevator.

    I don't feel queer or gay or lesbian. And neither does she. But I suppose we are.

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