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    Straight Female / 35

    It was an after game party at a lake house. Kids were smoking pot, drinking. Everyone was technically under age. Kids were going back to the bedrooms to have sex. The cops showed up. They were really mean and treated us like dirt. We were all under age and we all got in trouble. My parents had to pay a lawyer to negotiate a deal for me.

    I was stuck at home, the parties were over, it busted up everyone's life. At the party I had witnessed kids having sex, and I became obsessed with it. I started hanging out with my neighbor and I decided that I needed to have sex with him, get it over with. He did have sex with me, but afterwards he treated me really bad. But when he wanted sex and he didn't have a date he called me to go over to his house and he would have sex with me. I always went.

    When I graduated from high school I enrolled in the junior college so that I could stay close to my neighbor. He had finished at the police academy. He gave me the sex I needed, but it was always bad afterwards. We never went out.

    He did finish police academy and became a street cop, but then he took leave to go to college. I followed him. I lived with him, when we left college I lived with him. He never married me. I am 35 years old, I work in retail sales at a nice jewelry store, I have an apartment of my own. He lives in a house. I take care of everything. He has sex when he wants.

    I know I am his doormat, his cleaning lady, his sex doll. I know he is not interested in marrying me. I don't enjoy my life, but I don't want another life. I know ladies in their fifties who are alone. I am going to be one of those ladies, still doing housework for my childhood neighbor, even if he has a wife. I don't know any other life.

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