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    Straight Female / 38

    I am 38. I am the old girlfriend. My boyfriend, aka lover, is 43. We work together and our affair is not out in the open at work. Last year a new woman came to work with us. She is beautiful in the face, she is a bit big boned, around 5' 8", easily 160 plus pounds. He became instantly infatuated with her, all he could talk about was her. To the extent that after sex he would ask me what I thought it would be like to fuck that pussy.

    He asked me to get her for him. To bring her in. It had to be under cover because she works at the company and with all of the news about men with women at work he doesn't want any problems. He told me that in his dream, he had fucked me first and then her. My first reaction was to tell him to go to hell, but he kept describing what he thought she was like naked and how much he wanted her pussy and I started to think this could be fun, and if it made him happy it would make me happy.

    She was hard to make friends with. She is a polite person, but she has her group of friends. I did confirm that she wasn't seeing anyone. I tried hard and got her to go to lunch with me several times. I told her that I thought she was a woman who had a certain wholesome look that made men want to get them pregnant. The conversation got around to telling her who I thought would want her pregnant. I described my boyfriend. I also told her that I had it on good authority that he wanted her. I didn't' tell her that I was his girlfriend.

    I told her if she wanted I could make arrangements for her to meet him, in an out of the office location. My boyfriend is a man with a good position and he makes good money and he is manly attractive. She agreed and I arranged a club night with her and other work people. I told my boyfriend that I had gone as far as I was going to go, the rest was on him.

    He zeroed in on her quick, and he has his ways, and he got her in bed. When I was with him he would describe his intimate encounter with her and he confirmed that he liked her pussy, that she wasn't shaved and she had regularly big boobs, maybe her overall size, but they were sure big compared to me. I started to see him more often, for lunch time quickies, the more he talked about her the more sex I wanted. I would look at her and fantasize what she was like naked with him, and relive what he told me.

    I first got to watch them by accident. I walked in on them. She was at his place, he and I had a date that day to go to an art fair, and I went over that Sunday morning and found her still in bed with him. I have a key, I have had a key for several years, he has a key to my place. I walked in, I know his place, I went into the bedroom like I have done hundreds of times and they were still in bed.

    I stood at the foot of the bed. I said hi Marcy. John told me he really likes you. I guess he does. Right then I wanted to see her naked, to see if what John had described was true. I took the covers off of then and told her I had to see what he was getting, if she was worth him getting in trouble with me. She was everything he described. She is beautiful, and she is toned and big boobed and unshaved, and although a larger girl, she looked very good. She was covering her boobs with her hands and had her legs crossed, which I uncrossed and told her to get her hands off her boobs.

    I got undressed, I am quite a bit smaller than her, and I got on my knees and elbows on the bed and bent down and told him to fuck me and make things right. He fucked me, which made things right. This is usually the position I use when we go out for lunch, he cums but I never do. But that morning, on the bed with her and him banging me I came.

    There is such a difference between us, age, and she is a big girl and I am not. But he likes her and I get turned on by seeing her naked with him, and even more turned on watching him fuck her. I like being fucked in front of her. She isn't quite into all to all this, but she now knows she was set up for him. I have touched her boobs, grabbed them actually. But it wasn't sexual or anything, I just wanted to say I had held her boobs in my hands.

    He is spending a lot of time with her, and I spend some time with her and him. We don't have sex often together, but sometimes we do. I really do enjoy being fucked in front of her. Making her watch as he fucks me and catching her eyes and looking at her is a huge turn on. I won't say that I have an orgasm every time, but I act like I do. I want her to know that I am enjoying it. And that I enjoy watching her get fucked. I 'help' her when he is fucking her, which makes her get nervous.

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