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    Bi-Sexual Male / 47

    I work as an internal auditor for a large corporation with offices in various states. One of the fringe benefits of .my job is that when I am out of town I get some free time to enjoy my kinky side. I like to get it on with another man, preferably a full round the world experience, suck, fuck and full anus treat. I love to suck ass. There is nothing knew about this, I have enjoyed it since I was in high school. But being married and being in a corporate job, you just can't go out in do it in town.

    What made this last trip memorable, is that I had my first experience with a Mexican, and he was uncircumcised. My preference has always been a bit of a top. It all started because I would go to this Mexican restaurant to eat. I eat alone, I usually do not fraternize with the people I am auditing. The waiter, I will call him Juan, was nice, a man in his forties like me, soft look on his face and after a couple of times in the restaurant he would put his hand on my shoulder. A sure sign.

    We talked, I told him I was from out of town, what hotel I was staying at, that one of the penalties of my job was that I tended to eat alone and sleep alone. I offered to clean off the seat of his pants and that he seemed to be the type of person I would really like to know better. He told me he got off at 10 and I gave him my room number.

    Juan is a slight man, maybe five foot six, and 140 pounds. He is very smooth all over, keeps himself nicely groomed, he is brown, short hair, and he likes to kiss and he is very affectionate. His penis is not large at all, covered as it was, and I had the pleasure of discovering his gland by pulling back on his foreskin before I got to sucking him. Once he was hard his foreskin was held back on its own. I had never sucked a brown skin penis before. His penis is small, I can get it all in my mouth at one time.

    He had to let me kiss and suck his ass. Something he said that he wasn't used to doing, it was his first time. I did my best to get him hooked. I topped that night, we were well prepared and sex was great, intimate and felt good. Juan turned out to be a fun man.

    I planned several audits, spreading them out so that I could go see Juan. I have really gotten to enjoy sucking him and getting his penis to come out and play. He seems to enjoy it, and he has given me the treat of a good fuck, we trade off, as neither one of us a natural top. I am thinking of asking Juan if he wants to come to Chicago, I can help him get set up, I know he can find a job easily, he is a good waiter and knows his stuff. I would like Juan to have a place where we can go and get away from the hotel rooms. I am thinking about this, I have not discussed it with him. But it is on my mind. He could have a place of his own.

    I know this is big departure from my M.O., but Juan is worth it. Otherwise I am afraid that I won't see him again, my audit work is pretty much done.

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    Sounds like a really great time! I was treated to an amazing time just before I got married by an older co-worker. He was named Ramone, and when he buried his coarse shaven face between my smoothly inexperienced pink cheeks I literally squealed both in surprise and delight. Him penetrating my tightly fresh ass with his larger than life brown uncircumcised cock was inevitable as his experienced tongue flirted with my entire body. His was the first brown cock to pass my lips. As he tongued my somewhat boyish cock and balls his mancock and low slung balls tempted my curiosity as they danced about my face. Turned over my back arched as my hardly been fucked cheeky ass beckoned to be fucked by a real cock, his cock. It was my honeymoon!

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