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    My husband believes I've along with his son, my nineteen year old step son Adam, been slaving over a hot oven all day, getting his forty fifth birthday celebrations and food ready. We've got all his family and friends coming round a little later for a big bash. What he and they don't know, is all the food was bought already done and delivered. And I've already had my first big bash today, as Adams cock fucked me oh so deep up my pussy and asshole. The only people cumming this morning and on into the afternoon, was myself and Adam as we pretty much had sex from the moment his father left to play golf. My husband will have a great time getting drunk with his idiotic family (They really are a bunch of fucking morons), then when they've gone, probably in the early hours of the morning, I'm going to continue where myself and Adam left off earlier. And that was with me mounting his gorgeous cock as his cock drove deep inside my asshole. Two years now my step son and I have been having an affair. He hates his stupid extended family too, and like me can't wait for summer come round. That's because myself and Adam will get the house to ourselves for nearly three months, as my husband goes off on one of his middle east trips.
    No fat lazy drunken husband, no idiotic family, only a virile young man, who can't get enough of his step moms mouth, pussy and ass.

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