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    Gay Male / 53

    I am a 53 year old man. I was assigned to be on the team to purchase and run a new subsidiary in Monterrey Mexico. I went down on the first visit, to meet the family selling the business and help negotiate the deal. The transaction required lots of due diligence and several trips. On each trip I took different types, engineers, lawyers, accountants, what ever was needed for that phase of the due diligence.

    I got to know the head of the negotiations for the family. He is a man in his late forties. He and I got along well, and between us the issues were ironed out. The family was keen on selling and we were keen on buying. As we approached the closing, my counterpart invited me to go to his house on the coast.

    It turned out to be just the two of us. After the servants served and cleaned up we were alone and he suggested that we go and sit in the hot tub and look out at the ocean and have a night cap. When we got out on the deck, he dropped his robe and he was totally naked. In the moonlight, and the backlight from the house, he looked tanned all over. He was in good shape, a shadow of a belly, but otherwise in good shape, with hairy legs and upper chest. He suggested I drop my trunks, we were naked on the deck and he brought me a glass of cognac.

    He took my penis in his hand and leaned in and kissed me. He told me the night was ours, he had sent the servants home. He took my hand to hold his penis and we kissed with our free hand holding our glass of cognac. The air around us felt hot, the night was quiet, just his hand holding my penis and mine holding his and the kissing. He broke the spell and suggested we get into the hot tub. He sat beside me and held my penis under the water.

    The hot tub worked against me, even when he went under the water to suck me. He asked me to go under water and suck him. We got over to the edge, the side over the ocean, and he got behind me, but the hot water was working against us. We moved into the house, his main bedroom had these large windows which gave to the ocean side. He had me suck him on the bed and he reciprocated. We sucked each other for a long several minutes before we embraced and kissed and touched. I love to kiss and hold a hard penis in my hand. And he was hard now, and it was evident that he liked to take the lead.

    He was well prepared, I opted out of him using a condom, he used some lubes I didn't know, and he fucked me slowly on my back. I much prefer being fucked on my back, I like to engage in face time and run my hands over his body while he does the in and out. He came, he bent over when he came, and I took his face and kissed him. I really enjoyed the fuck. After a while, I lay on my back and he used his hand and mouth to get me off. We slept naked, with nothing but a light sheet. In the morning we showered in this large two head shower, which he said he built just for times like these. We spent quite a bit of time soaping each other and kissing under the hot shower.

    By the time we were dressed the servants came back, they prepared breakfast and coffee and we left to go back to Monterrey at noon. I know that I violated the principles of negotiation getting involved with the target. But who cares, we closed without problems. He and I remain friends and he invites me to spend time with him. We have been on a cruise together, we spent a week at a gay resort in Australia. He has the money and time, and he wants to invite me to go. But regardless of where we go, fucking at his beach place on the Pacific is still the best place, I love watching the sunset over the ocean while he slowly fucks me. It is hard to choose, which is better, a slow afternoon on the Pacific reading a magazine, or a slow fuck at sunset. I did come down for both, but I will take the fuck every time.

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