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    I'd like to see my wife have sex with other men. She's indicated she finds the idea arousing but isn't ready to do it for many reasons. However she will sext with strangers she meets on line. She will meet someone and exchange pictures excepting cock pics and sending off pics of her nude body including close-ups of her pussy. She never includes her face in her nudes but she will trade face pics. When she sexts she likes the guy to tell her a story of what he'd do to her. On those occasions I will eat her pussy for her while she sends texts back and forth. I'll try to keep her on edge until she says to make her cum. She also likes being told what to do. When she does this I will watch her as she follows the guy's orders to play with herself. Guys who are inventive are the best. They will order her to edge herself repeatedly, to fuck herself with different objects and send photos and do things like twist her nipples, slap her own ass and pussy and grind her pillow until she cums. One guy made her masturbate with ice once and the same guy loved making her get on all fours then fucking herself with her fingers from behind. Watching her cum over and over again at another man's direction is such a turn on. Some of the best times are when she lets a man she's comfortable with direct her actions when she and I are out together. One guy tells her what to wear, usually a short skirt, to remove her panties and bra, to expose her pussy and edge on the car ride, to let truck drivers see her tits and sometimes her pussy and to make her masturbate at the table or in the ladies room sometimes ordering her to make herself cum right in a crowded room. I love seeing her trying to make herself cum without being spotted then holding it in when she finally does cum. All of this hopefully leads to her taking the next step someday soon.

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    Be careful what you wish for. Once they get it from someone else its hard to turn them back...
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    Why can't you do the same to her that you love for her to do to others? Don't you think she would enjoy it as well with you, her husband, as with a stranger?


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