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    Straight Male / 55

    One day I decided to go into an adult book store, that I had drmen past many times. I went in and behsn looking at toys and then to the adult movie section.
    I was approached by a middle aged, heavy set guy who told me about their room where I coul watch some movies before buying one, so, I bought some tokens and went inside. I was going through a menu to pick something to watch, and a man came in the bootj and put a gay movie on the screen and stood beside me rubbing his seemingly erect or semi erect penis, and asket "do you suck"? He moved closer and then asked if he could suck me.
    I guess that deep down I had always wanted to find out how it to have sex with a guy, ever since I was approached as a young teenager, and refused. The guy sat and unzipped me and I got really turned on. Now, as you see, I am over 75, but can still get a decent erection, which popped up very soon after my zipper was going down.
    I began getting the most satisfying head job of ny adult life. Believe me I have many good blow jobs from females, but this one, for some reason, was superb. I nearly lost my balance while ejaculating, and had to sit for sometime before leaving the store. It was absolutely the most satisfying thing that ever happened to me, that guy was a real pro!!!!
    Many times I have thought of returning to that store, but have not done it. If I do ever return, I sure hope he is there. I may consider givng a a hand job just to keep him there longer.

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    Me and my friend sometimes hangout behind an adult book store. Most of the guys coming out don't care that we're boy's, I even wear panties for um. They offer us money to fool around.
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    My friend owns an adult book store and he told me since the new law ended Craig list and other other similar sites that traffic at his adult book store had increased drastically. Several times people are waiting on parking spaces and booth to watch videos.

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