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    Straight Female / 46

    raw confessions send 10 hours of gay heman youtubes to sexual abuse victims and blocks them. @@RawConfession I have reported the site rawconfessions.**m for sexual abuse to adult victims of sexual abuse. I had ranted yesterday about these filipinos who have been stealing money from my sister and threatening to bash her son up and asked you redirect me to youtube (dot) com/w******==eh7lp9umG2I&t==9s I was talking about how cookie delirosarary-iogonal-ass took $300 of my sister rose at the treasury casino she won and how cookie was threatening to get her son nichass to bash up my nephew and to be honest I believe cookie is into some Filipino satanic occult and she has been stopping men from liking me and wrecking job opportunities for me and meeting new men. some person seems to have this strange idea that I make people gay, and I don't. I have no personal opinion on LGBT other then its not my thing and and I don't support gay marriage. I am a christian and went to christian church catholic school and I was sexually abused as a child for around 15 years and so were my parents sexually abused as a children and in workplaces. my mother told me she was sexually assaulted at the telephone exchange at southp in the 1950. I was sexually harassed at Rema and also I went to a legal receptionist job at a legal firm that was connected to a house and this interviewer who was a solicitor was actually openly masturbating himself in front of me at the other side of the desk and I found this overwhelming and fearful and left. I don't appreciate this abuse from rawconfessions (dot) com or rapist or any of the rottuks who were around in the navy. These people are sick. I have been abused enough! don't you think? and I don't want police coming to my house either!!as stated above I would make a formal statement to the police so long as it is not qld police and I would like to spoken to better just because I have ptsd from being r**ed and sexually abused doesn't make me less then anyone else and I dislike the way police treat me.

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    You are psychotic. You need urgent medical help! For the sake of yourself, go to hospital and let doctors help you.

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