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    Camp cum time
    I work as a camp counselor for my near by team building campgrounds. It was built for highschool/college students to come as a class to learn helpful life lessons in working together etc. I myself and a highschooler and only work in the summers. Thats when they have a camp invite for the ages of 16-21. I spend the summer up there so I dont get to do my nightly activities of porn and a wank. So i bought 2 "helpful items" last summer. 2 masturbatory aids. 1 was a simple fleshlight, very nice and easy to use, 2 a big bundle of condoms, lube, and some magazines. Soon enough i got bored of the magazines, so one night, I was thinking about these two hot sisters that were camping here. With no success of cumming, I decided to venture out to do my deeds. Right outside of her cabin windows, I jerked off. In the quiet night u can hear the slapping and the squishy sounds. Looking at the 6 girls in the cabin sleeping, I cam so hard. I took the pussy part out of the holder and dumped the cum through the window slit, leaving drops of my cum on the floor. I did this daily with whatever how girls there were. Eventually i needed more. During the day I would steal some nice panties or bras to masturbatew with, and jerk off outside with them. I would return them the next day filled with cum and swap for something new.

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